17 Weeks, Quick Takes, & Linky Links

  1. HelloMornings started this week, and it’s lovely. I like knowing that once I’ve studied and prayed, begun to absorb what the Lord has for me to learn on a given day, I can tweet about it with ladies all over the world who are studying the same thing, making the same commitment to the Lord and to their families. The community of the body of Christ is a wonderful thing!
  2. That being said, I’ve overslept two of the three mornings thus far this week. Thankfully, I have still gotten my devotions in at some point in the day (naptime, anyone?). Aria is teething AND has a cold, so we’re a bit of a mess around here. I’m grateful that she has such a sunny, independent disposition, because honestly even when she’s needy she is more happy and satisfied than many little ones are when they feel their best. She’s such a good “starter baby” for me. šŸ˜‰
  3. I have THE best husband. He is so patient and considerate when I don’t feel well. A couple weeks ago he made dinner for himself and Aria every evening while I was lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, and he never said a word about it. He does all our grocery shopping (and well!). He works 45+ hours every week. He is truly our hero around here.
  4. Speaking of which, Aria has become a total daddy’s girl. When I get her out of the bed in the morning she starts asking for him before we’ve left her room. When she hears his key go in the door in the evening she lights up and hollers “Dada!” It is adorable. The only part I don’t love is that, for example, I will offer her food and she will reject it. Her daddy will then offer her theĀ same thing and she is delighted with it. It’s a little annoying, but if I’m being honest even that is pretty cute.
  5. 17 weeks today! I’m still not feeling the baby move very consistently, and I’m starting to feel so much better that much of the time I don’t feel pregnant at all. I’ll be happy to have my appointment tomorrow and see the little one squirming around. Approximately two weeks before each appointment I start to get irrationally worried that something is wrong, and I need that next appointment to reassure me. If the baby cooperates, we’ll have an announcement after tomorrow’s appointment!

Ā Sometimes these size descriptions don’t make sense to me. Last week the baby was the size of an avocado, and this week an onion? A giant onion? A small avocado?Ā  BabyFruit Ticker

Linky Links:
Ann Voskamp has made her awesome 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity into a pretty printable.

Seth Godin is an inspiration, always challenging our thinking and attempting to rouse us from complacency. Take some time while you’re folding laundry (or some such thing) to listen to this interview he granted Jeff Goins.

Sally Clarkson’s post about Walking with God is an encouragement for me as I tackle the HelloMornings challenge again.

On friendships between moms and non-moms – Moms and Me.

I love how beautifully transparent Emily Freeman is always willing to be: One Painfully Obvious Thing a Genius Taught Me About Life.

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