22 Weeks

 BabyFruit TickerPapayas always make me think of the Dominican Republic, because that’s the first place I ever tasted one. We had them for breakfast each morning – fresh papaya and fresh pineapple.

It is feeling like the remaining 18ish weeks is a very long time, even while time also feels as though it were flying past. Isn’t it interesting, the human capacity to find dissatisfaction anywhere we look? Of course I have no real idea, but I have a gut feeling this pregnancy won’t last until 40 weeks. (Since I wrote that I’ll probably go way overdue.) Friday we had our long ultrasound. It was just as wonderful as I’d anticipated to get all the shots of Noah. We got a beautiful profile picture, and also images of his little fist and both his feet. We were able to look at him face-on, and his head seems to be shaped like Aria and Andy’s. It’s sort of long and square across the top, with that cute pointy chin. It’s amazing to look at a fuzzy picture of my baby in utero and already begin to make out his features. We also got a shot that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s a boy. 😉

He is measuring a bit big. While that’s not a surprise, I don’t like it one bit. I want him to be smaller than Aria was. Smaller, I say! The ultrasound showed a due date of July 2nd. As Stephanie (my midwife) explained it to us, that measurement indicates not when the baby is expected to be full term, but when the baby is expected to hit 7 pounds. She said that, were we to take the measurement in a few weeks, it would likely have moved up, because he’s probably going to continue to be big. Boo. Hiss. As it happens, I will be getting another scan in approximately 5 weeks, because they need to check the placement of the placenta (there’s no real concern, it’s just a precaution based on what we saw on this scan). It will be interesting to see what he’s weighing in at by then.

Before that time I’ll have done my one-hour glucose test. I want to get it done as soon as possible, so I can know exactly how careful I need to be about my eating. With Aria I had to take the 3 hour test, as well, but did not end up having gestational diabetes. There again, she was quite large, so Stephanie cautioned me right after she was born that I would want to watch my carb intake for subsequent pregnancies just to be sure I was doing what I could to keep baby smaller. I won’t be surprised to have to take the 3 hour test again this time, though I am being considerably more conscientious about my food intake this time around (well, since I’ve gotten past the morning sickness and feel I have more control over what I can eat).

The absolutely wonderful, wholly positive news is that Noah and I are doing great. I still have no swelling, I still haven’t gained nearly the weight I did with Aria, and my blood pressure is still low. I am very comfortable at this point, and really am not limiting my activities at all. Now that we’re past the halfway point, my focus is starting to shift a bit from the pregnancy to preparing for the birth and Noah’s arrival. There is, as always, a lot to do between now and then. I am excited about almost all of it! Not least, I am excited because spring is just around the corner! I am chomping at the bit to get outside with Aria and start taking looong walks.

Stay tuned for more specific pregnancy-related posts coming soon. As of this weekend I’ve got an entire series planned out, and I’m looking forward to getting started on it!

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