31 Days: Concerts I’d Love to See

Plumfield Dreams ~ Concerts I'd Love to SeeYesterday I discussed the best concerts I’ve seen. Today I’d like to tell you about the ones I most hope to see at some point.

  • Andrea Bocelli ~ One of my favorite singers. I’ve been purchasing his albums since his first, Romanza, was released in 1997. I was 12 at the time. That makes me a longtime fan, so you can see how I might want to see him in concert one of these days.
  • Nickel Creek reunion ~ Am I a broken record, or what? But I mean, when they’re your favorite, they’re your favorite. I’m hoping they get back together when we’re all old and they play those tiny intimate venues and I take my grandkids and they’re like, “You still have awesome taste in music!”.
  • Switchfoot ~ These guys may still be touring when I take my grandkids. They’re already pushing two decades as a touring band, with no sign of slowing down. (Fingers crossed.) I would love to see them many more times, and I’m already looking forward to taking my kids as soon as they’re old enough.
  • Michael Ball ~ Love this guy. He’s a theatre performer, and he’s good at it. I’d really love to see him in a show, but I would also settle for a concert. Neither is looking likely, since he’s British and I live in Indiana.
  • Pentatonix ~ This acapella group won the excellent show The Sing Off. Their arrangements are sick, and they kill it with every performance.
  • Mumford & Sons ~ One of my current favorite bands. Their driving beats are perfect for a concert experience.
  • Yo-Yo Ma ~ I love the sound of the cello, and no one plays it like this guy.
  • Joshua Bell ~ If Joshua Bell could be in concert with Yo-Yo Ma, that would make my life.
  • Renee Fleming ~ There is no comparable soprano to Renee Fleming. She’s astounding, and I want to share space with her.

Check out my YouTube playlist for videos of these performers.

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