31 Days of Mood Music

Plumfield Dreams: 31 Days of Mood Music

{I am taking The Nester’s challenge to write on a specific topic every day in October.}

When I was a kid I wanted to be Amy Grant. I mean, yeah, I knew it wasn’t possible to actually grow up to be another person, but God could make an exception for me, right? Because she had all these fantastic, fun songs (which I now realize I understood not one bit). And she was an alto, so I could easily wail along with my cassette tapes without missing a beat. On top of all that amazingness, she had that gorgeous hair! Yep. I was pretty sure I was just going to grow up and be her.

Of course as I got older my tastes transformed many times, from pop to country to vocal to classical to jazz to folk – I’ve been through many phases where one genre or another was my preferred for a time. All of this exposure to both the best and the worst of music eventually developed into a broad enjoyment of music and a fairly sophisticated musical palate.

This is my first 31 Days challenge, and I’m taking the opportunity to indulge in one of my greatest loves. I’ll be posting on the topic of music every day in October. My intention is for most posts to be lists of music for various moods or purposes – music for studying, cooking, cleaning, etc. I’ll also delve into some of my favorite music.

Let’s kick things off with one of my all-time favorite bands, Nickel Creek. If you can get through this video without starting to move to the beat, you may not have a pulse:

You can check back to this page for a link to each day’s post. Links will not work until the post day (“Day 5” is October 5th).

Day 1 ~ 31 Days of Mood Music
Day 2 ~ Nickel Creek and Switchfoot
Day 3 ~ Musical Theatre Recommendations
Day 4 ~ Music for the Stages of Labor
Day 5 ~ Billy Joel on Music
Day 6 ~ Fading West Trailer
Day 7 ~ The Best Music for a Gloomy Day
Day 8 ~ 10 Performers You’ve Never Heard Of…But Should
Day 9 ~ Movie Music
Day 10 ~ Best Concerts I’ve Ever Seen
Day 11 ~ Concerts I’d Love to See
Day 12 ~ Books About Music (Links to Posts)
Day 13 ~ Music Meme: Are You Noticing This About Me Yet?
Day 14 ~ A Random Peek at My mp3 Player
Day 15 ~ Favorite Works I’ve Sung
Day 16 ~ Music for Car Rides
Day 17 ~ 10 of My Favorite Hymns
Day 18 ~ Music From My Childhood
Day 19 ~ The Inner Voice
Day 20 ~ Chris Thile Talks Music
Day 21 ~ How I Listen to Music {Tips for Digital Music Management}
Day 22 ~ Great Music Teaching Tools
Day 23 ~ Music From Our Wedding
Day 24 ~ My Favorite Christmas Albums
Day 25 ~ More Great Christmas Music
Day 26 ~ Adele’s Tiny Desk Concert
Day 27 ~ Andrew Belle and Josh Doyle
Day 28 ~ Who Sang it Best?
Day 29 ~ Songs for Focusing My Heart
Day 30 ~ Just Released Christmas Music
Day 31 ~ It is Well with My Soul


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