31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse

31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge FB TeaserStarting today, I am excited to participate in a challenge to focus on praying for Andy for the month of January. What a great way to kick off the new year! I’ve never been as good as I want to be at praying for Andy. It’s easy to pray for people and things that are constantly on my mind because I see issues. Thankfully, that’s never been the case with my hubby. The last thing I want is to give him less than he’s due, but that’s exactly what I am prone to do if I’m not intentional.

My blogger friend Ashley came up with the great idea for this challenge as a way of helping us all make that intentionality a habit. Sign-up is as easy as providing your email to receive prayer prompts each day, and you can participate in a community on Facebook if you’d like further accountability.

To help me focus while I move through the challenge, I’ll be reading Ashley’s ebook, 31 Day to Build a Better Spouse (Power of Prayer). Click here to view more details and purchase the book. (That’s an affiliate link, which means I receive a commission if you purchase through it; it will not have an effect on the price of your purchase.)

Won’t you join me in this powerful exercise?

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