31 Days: Who Sang it Best?

Sorry for the late post today, friends. It’s been super-busy around here!

There have been many performances of the ever-popular Les Miserables, including two televised anniversary specials and a major motion picture. Today I thought we’d check out some of those performances. I’d love to hear which you prefer and why.

Colm Wilkinson (10th anniversary special)

Alfie Boe (25th anniversary special)

Ivan Rutherford (This picture is terrible; I’m sorry. This is the only video I could find of this fantastic singer performing the song. Just close your eyes and listen. Of the performances here, Rutherford’s the only I’ve seen live. He was amazing.)

Simon Bowman, Alfie Boe, Colm Wilkinson, John Owen Jones (I gotta say, I’m partial to this here feller’s voice)

So which one gets your vote? Is there another performance I should check out?

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