31 Days: The Best Music for a Gloomy Day

Plumfield Dreams ~ The Best Music for a Gloomy Day{This post contains affiliate links.}

I may be a bit odd here, but I love gloomy days. Several in a row and I will get antsy, like anyone. But mostly I love dreary days, foggy days, rainy days. There’s almost a romance to the atmosphere. I relish padding around the house in comfy clothes, burning a scented candle, drinking something warm, and – always – listening to my favorite music for a gloomy day.

  Quiet Nights ~ Diana Krall

  Kind of Blue ~ Miles Davis

 At Home with Friends ~ Joshua Bell
This one’s got a rendition of “Eleanor Rigby” that I listen to on repeat.

  Battles Studies ~ John Mayer

  Dark Hope ~ Renee Fleming
Fleming takes a break from her opera career to sing some great pop.

  The 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music

 The 99 Most Essential Adagios
There are more “99 Most Essential” albums where these came from. They are all mp3 albums, and they are all fairly cheap. You can find more here.

 The Planets ~ Gustav Holst

  Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
The world’s most renowned cellist plays one of the best movie composers of all time.

  Songs of Joy & Peace ~ Yo-Yo Ma & Friends
This one is something of a Christmas album, but not in a traditional sense. One of my favorites from this album is the Ma/Thile/Fleming collaboration on “Touch the Hand of Love“.

3 thoughts on “31 Days: The Best Music for a Gloomy Day

  1. Found your site through the ’31 Days’ linkup at The Nesting Place. LOVE your series! I’m a musician and musical theatre performer/junkie, and I’ve loved your musical suggestions thus far. Last year, I did a ’31 Days of Playlists’ series that was oh-so-fun to write. This year I’m writing ’31 Days of Favorites’ – and of course I’m figuring out how to work in some playlist posts. 🙂 Thanks for writing – looking forward to reading the rest of the series – blessings!

    • Thank you, Sarah! I’m SO glad you are enjoying the series! I’m sure you know that sometimes it feels like you might be writing to the wind. 🙂 When that’s the case, it really helps to be writing about something about which you’re passionate – that’s definitely the case for me here. My primary musical outlet these days is singing with our local symphony’s chorus (I love it!).

      I’ll definitely go check out your series, as well!

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