5 on Friday: The One Where We’re Boring and Loving It

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Last weekend was lovely. Noah had a very rough night Friday, and I had to miss a rehearsal and then was a few minutes late to another. That was a bummer, and also embarrassing, since I had to walk into rehearsal in front of the entire Phil organization late. Anyway, things picked up after that. It was a busy Saturday, but the concert went off swimmingly. I don’t enjoy every performance in the moment, but that one I enjoyed thoroughly. I think everyone did – musicians, singers, conductor, directors, audience. It was really wonderful.
  2. Mother’s Day we did our typical thing most of the day – church and lunch with my family. My brother was home, and that’s always great. We spent the evening with Andy’s family. We were at his brother’s place in the country, and Aria loved it. She was still talking to me about it today, actually. “I went Kirby’s ‘n payed [played] on the swing ‘n had steak!” I loved the entire day.
  3. Noah hit ten months last week. He’s becoming increasingly independent. He pulls himself up to everything now, and is quite steady on his feet. This week he’s started trying to walk on his hands and feet, so he’s thisclose to walking on his own. He already moves along the furniture and follows walking toys around the house. His favorite foods so far are any and all fruit, asparagus, cat food, and bird poop. (What?) Yesterday we took him to get his first shoes – 4 1/2 extra-wide. We were told his feet may thin out as he gets older. Let’s hope so, ’cause otherwise we are going to drop some major dough on this kid’s feet over the years. Blessedly, Andy’s parents have enjoyed getting the kids’ shoes for them thus far.

    10 Months ~ Plumfield Dreams

    The kids didn’t have naps…these were the best pics I could get. You’ve been there, right? (See Noah’s new shoes? He doesn’t like them AT ALL.)

  4. Aria and Noah have started seeking one another out to play together. It isn’t the smoothest sailing, since they often don’t understand how the other wants to play. Also, they accidentally injure one another regularly. I feel as though I spend half my time refereeing, even though they are both usually trying to play nicely. Aria has a large vocabulary, and loves to talk and ask questions. She wants most of life narrated right now. There are a lot of other little areas where things have shifted significantly in the past few weeks. She’s moving rapidly out of the baby phase. That’s a little sad, but she’s becoming a lovely little girl, inside and out.
  5. This week we spent our first mornings out on the deck, soaking in the beautiful spring air. We’ve also had some serious rain, and some downright cold days/nights. It’s definitely springtime in Indiana. But, hey, summer is coming soon! (And then I’ll be whining about how hot it is…) If you’re a reader, you may want to check out Modern Mrs Darcy’s summer reading guide. Anne is one of my favorite book bloggers, and I trust her recommendations.

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