5 Quick Takes: No More Cast

  •  Aria is no longer a cast-wearing toddler! Mom and I took her first thing yesterday morning to have it removed and get an x-ray to make sure everything looked good. As soon as we stepped into the exam room, Aria started crying loudly. Clearly, she remembered this place. She cried while the nurse showed us how she would take the cast off, and she cried while the nurse got ready to do so. When the nurse turned on the incredibly loud saw, Aria stopped crying to stare at it. In any other circumstance, that loud saw probably would have been a source of great interest to Aria; however, when the nurse immediately placed it to Aria’s arm, she started crying again (wouldn’t you?). She cried through the removal, which took only a minute or two, and kept crying until we got back out to the waiting room and broke out the Cheerios. Then she happily fed me for a while. They took the x-ray right there at the office. I couldn’t go in, of course, so Mom took her. Mom said as soon as Aria saw the machine she recognized it and began to wail. I didn’t need to be told the wailing part, as I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire hospital could hear her. The poor baby did NOT want to get another x-ray. It took entirely too long to do the x-rays. First the tech tried to do it with just Mom helping. Then she came out and went to get another nurse to help her. Then they both came out, and a few minutes later a man came from some mysterious place and helped. That time they got what they needed. My baby’s a fighter. 😉 The end result is that you can no longer see the fracture, and there’s nothing else that needs to be done. I thought it would take her some time to realize the cast was gone and adjust to using her arm again, but it took her approximately 10 minutes. She was already using it before we left the doctor’s office (he actually stopped mid-sentence while telling us she might favor it, when he realized she was already using it), and it was obvious that she understood that the pink thing we were now carrying around with us was her cast. Her entire demeanor has been far more sunny since we got home from having the cast removed. She’s delighted. So! That chapter of our lives is happily closed.

Here she is happily unloading the contents of her Aunt Joanna’s purse.

  • I still feel fairly out of it this week. I tire easily, and am coughing consistently. I knew this would be the case, as I’m about the gazillionth person in the area to catch this particular bug this winter. It’s frustrating, though. I feel so demotivated by the lack of productivity. You know how that is? The more things have piled up, the more I just want to bury my head under my covers and never do anything about it, ever again. The house is dirty, there are toys everywhere, the counters are covered in clutter (I HATE clutter). I have managed to keep up with the laundry, and this week I’m keeping on top of my work, so there are a couple of victories in there.
  • I’m working on making long-term blogging plans. I’m excited about several ideas I have for posts, and am looking forward to getting things rolling more consistently around here. <crosses fingers> Ooh! I’ve also added an email subscription feature to the blog, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up (it’s right over there –> – you can’t miss it).
  • Today marks 21 weeks for Mr. Noah! I consistently feel his movements now. Sometimes I can even see and feel it from the outside. I love this part of pregnancy! Friday is my next midwife appointment, and we also get to have an extra long ultrasound for measurements. It’s an optional ultrasound basically to check for any abnormalities. I opt out of all the testing, since I am not high risk and it wouldn’t make any difference to us anyhow, but I love this ultrasound, because it takes a nice long time and you get to check out everything. 🙂 I’m excited about it!

 BabyFruit Ticker

  • Saturday evening my mommy and I are going to attend The Phil’s Masterworks concert A Night for Fighting. This is the concert I had to bow out of singing due to missed rehearsals, and I am EXCITED to enjoy it from the audience! I’ve only seen a couple of Chorus concerts in my life, since I am always in them, so it’s a rare treat to sit back and enjoy it. Afterward we’re hitting up the Gashouse with the Chorus (we always go out afterward). It’s going to be a great evening! Tickets are still available, if you want to come!

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