50+ Christmas Books for Kids

50+ Christmas Books for Kids ~ Plumfield Dreams{This post contains affiliate links}

Last year we started the tradition of reading a Christmas book each day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aria was a bit too young to appreciate it, but I sure did! This year I think she will really get into it, and I’m looking forward to experiencing it with her. In the future I intend to wrap each book so the kids can choose one to unwrap each day, and that’s the one we’ll read. For this year I think Aria is still too young to make the effort worthwhile, so we’ll just keep a basket of the books and read a new one each day.

To help you kickstart your own Christmas book tradition, here is a list of 50+ Christmas books for kids, across a large age span.

Board Books:




Picture Books:





Books for Slightly Older Kids:


I can’t vouch for any of the following books, because I’ve never read them. They’re on our wish list, though, because we’ve either heard great things about them or have read and enjoyed other books by the same author.











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