6 Must Read Linky Links

If you’re a Christian and an American, you should consider joining the Patriot Prayer League.

Ann Voskamp always hits right at my heart, at once encouraging and challenging. This is no exception.

A great post for anyone who has ever felt they weren’t photogenic enough to be in the picture <raises hand>: So You’re Feeling Too Fat to be Photographed.

Bless you, Roo, for writing about How to Help a New Mom.

My sweet friend Abby would love to walk with you as you uncover the answer to the question Why Should I Be Different?

Jen’s tongue-in-cheek Why My Kids Will Never Be Socialized is a must read for homeschoolers and anyone who has ever wondered how those kids who stay home all the time ever get any social interaction. (My eyes just rolled while I typed.)

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