7 Quick Takes (11 October 2013 Edition)

  1. Noah turned 3 months old on Wednesday. He’s so sweet and chatty. I love his little personality.Plumfield Dreams ~ Noah at 3 Months
  2. We got Aria a booster seat and a step stool. On the booster seat she’s mostly excited that it has SO. MANY. BUCKLES. The step stool she put to work instantly, taking it around to every surface in the kitchen in turn…which made me realize she’s too young to have a step stool in the kitchen, so we moved it to the bathroom to live.
  3. The kids are being dedicated this Sunday. I’m looking forward to it. It’s merely symbolic, of course, but it’s important symbolism. Our families are going to be there, and afterward we’re having them all over for lunch. I’ll have pictures next week.
  4. We’re heading to the corn maze Saturday. You’ve probably heard about the Andrew Luck corn maze, which happens to be in my hometown. I’ve never actually been to one, and I think it will be fun. I’m sure Aria will be delighted.
  5. I’ve been watching The Good Wife on Amazon Prime. Man, it is stellar television. It is overtly political more often than I would prefer, but otherwise the writing is great and the acting is truly fantastic.
  6. It’s one of those ironies of life that I am extremely energized by my work at the same time I am trying to cut my hours. It’s taking more discipline than I would have thought to stop working. What a great problem to have, eh?
  7. I’ve joined a MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. This one is actually MOPs+, which means it’s open to parents of older kids, too (through 5th grade, I think). I’ve been twice now, and I am enjoying it. It meets monthly just down the road from my house. It’s refreshing to spend time specifically bonding with other moms, and I’m getting to know some of my neighbors I had never met. That’s been particularly nice, since I want to know my neighbors better.

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