7 Quick Takes {18 October 2013 Edition}

Plumfield Dreams ~ Dedication Day Collage

  1. Last weekend was wonderful. We spent most of Saturday cooking and cleaning, and then joined my siblings at the Andrew Luck corn maze at night. The day was just the right mix of productive and fun. Sunday was the kids’ dedication, and it was just as wonderful and meaningful as I had hoped. We had a nice time with our family at lunch. We wore ourselves out so much that both Andy and Aria were asleep before 7pm.¬†Speaking of which, my kids can apparently sleep quite strangely. These pics of Aria sleeping are from Sunday evening.¬†Plumfield Dreams ~ Aria SleepingPlumfield Dreams ~ Noah Sleeping
  2. Aria has become enamored with rice cakes. She has a couple of them each day with peanut butter and homemade jam. I’m pleased she loves them so much, because they are a better option than bread, which she no longer asks for at all. I’m trying to mostly wean her away from wheat products, so this is perfect. She asks me repeatedly throughout the day for “ceck”.
  3. I have new Christmas music! I am excited, and already listening. I’ve been dutifully waiting longer this year to start listening to Christmas music, but the new Joshua Bell album released on Tuesday, and I had to hear it. It’s great.
  4. Speaking of Christmas, I’m getting down to the business of Christmas shopping now. I’ve been keeping my eyes open and picking things up here and there, but now I’ve moved to the serious planning and shopping phase. (Also, psst – I have a Christmas series planned for November and December.)
  5. We’re having a nice laidback week. We haven’t had a week like this since August. I’ve needed it. I am enjoying just being home with the kids and reestablishing routines.
  6. Tonight I rather spontaneously took a friend who is too-many-weeks pregnant out and we got pedicures and dinner. It’s the first time I’ve left Noah to do something fun. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve done an evening like this sans children in I don’t know how long. It was lovely. Also, my toes are pretty now.
  7. You guys. LOOK: 

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