7 Quick Takes (21 September 2013 Edition)

  1. It has been a mad house around here for the past week-and-a-half. This morning I suddenly realized I didn’t write my Friday quick takes post. Whoops. The only day this week we didn’t have multiple commitments was Tuesday, and Noah was clingy and Aria didn’t nap. So. I’m a bit behind on everything, including having a clue what day it is and what’s going on more than two hours in the future. Do you ever have weeks like that? Do you thrive on them, or do they drain you?
  2. Monday we had Noah’s two-month checkup. He’s healthy, and continues to be large, though I’m happy to report his growth has slowed down. (My back says “Yay!”.) He weighed in at 16 lb, 4 oz (98th percentile), and nearly 25 inches (98th percentile). His head is in the normal range (75th percentile). He had his shots that day (we vaccinate, but we pick and choose, only getting a few of the many they now “require”). Somehow I didn’t realize we were getting them then, so I wasn’t mentally prepared for the aftermath. As it turns out, he doesn’t love shots. They gave him a low-grade fever and a serious case of achiness for a couple days. He slept a lot, but wouldn’t do it without being held, so I had a clingy little guy for a couple days. It was sweet, but it also made it difficult to get anything done. (In other news, I learned that most infant pain relievers have high fructose corn syrup in them – grr. We were able to get a Dollar General brand that works as a stop-gap, though I’m not in love with it. There are still some corn ingredients, and parabens. I’m on the hunt for a more natural option, if you know of any.)

    Noah's 2 Month Appt

    Nana came with us to the appointment (she’s really much happier than she looks here).

  3. I switched both kids to the next size of clothing this week. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Noah now wears mostly 6-9 months clothes, and Aria now wears mostly 3T. Moving Aria to 3T means she no longer has any baby clothes. Onesies are a thing of the past. 🙁
  4. At work my department has undergone a lot of changes in the past few months. (If you know anything about my work situation, you’ll know that it takes a lot for me to discuss changes, because that’s pretty much all we’ve done in the 6 years I’ve been there.) Anyhoo, the changes are mostly very good, exciting things. On a personal level, I am happy to be moving into more of a marketing role. I  love the field, and the person with whom I will be working closely is one of my closest friends, as well.
  5. The middle school choir I direct started this week. We do a quick lesson at the first rehearsal of the year, and then I listen to individual voices so I know what kind of work we need to do and what parts to assign. The past couple years I have consistently had baritones in the choir. The middle school choir. It’s crazy. Next week we’ll start work on our Christmas music. That’s just as exciting to me as it is them. I looooove Christmas music.
  6. The Phil Chorus (in which I sing) also started rehearsing this week. We have a new director this year, so this was our first rehearsal with him as our official leader. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. He is quick-witted and knowledgable – a good combination. We’re doing a fall concert of works by Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert. None of the music is overly challenging (I’ve sung some of it before), but it is all excellent. Sometimes music is not challenging not because it is easy, but because it is so well written. That’s the type we are singing right now.
  7. Tonight was the annual pancake and sausage supper fundraiser at our volunteer fire department. We always go, as Andy’s brother and dad are both firefighters. This year Noah’s allergies preclude me from enjoying the pancakes, but Aria and Andy were able to dig in. Aria ate blueberry pancakes, and a little sausage. A short while later she ate some of Nana’s pancakes. And some of Bop Bop’s pancakes. And some extra blueberries. I’d say she approves of the event.

    Pancake and Sausage Supper 2013

    Blueberry pancakes are a hit!

This week was draining, but I do so love this time of year. I adore fall, and many of this week’s events signify fall for me.

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