7 Quick Takes (25 October 2013)

  1. I’ve had a cold this week. That’s been a huge bummer, because one of my closest friends had a baby on Saturday, and I WANT TO MEET HIM. (Pardon my frustration.) I’m finally feeling better, and the kids and I are planning to visit tomorrow morning. Yay!!
  2. I missed choir Tuesday because I was miserable. I’ve now missed too many rehearsals for this series, and I may have to withdraw from the concert. I hate that, but I find it happens more often now that I have the kids. We have illness more often, and it’s harder to find time to learn the music on my own.
  3. My reading is suffering because of 31 Days, but I’m fine with that for one month. Hopefully it doesn’t bleed over to November.
  4. Speaking of 31 Days – it’s nearly over and, though I’ve enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to a more relaxed blogging schedule and being able to write about other things. In particular, I’m excited to be able to shift to Christmas posts as we move further into the fall!
  5. Do you ever shop from Etsy? I’ve been doing it more and more, and I’m including it in my Christmas gift shopping this year. I have particularly liked it for decorations and jewelry. Of course it’s also fun for niche interest areas, such as those You’ve Got Mail printables I posted last week.
  6. I’m pondering shifting our diet even more than we already have. We eat mostly natural meats, very few processed foods, and Aria and I eat almost no dairy. In addition, I’ve been avoiding corn and soy for Noah’s sake. Our gluten intake is down considerably from what it’s been in the past, but we still take in far too much refined sugar. I’m considering cutting gluten and sugar out of our regular diets. We’ve been working our way toward this clean diet for a long time. The more I understand about how our diet effects us, and what it can mean for our little ones, the more I am inclined to clean out our pantry. I’ll let you know if we take the leap.
  7. Aria has some new quirks. Today she replaced “Neh” (yes) and “No” (no) with “Nep!” (yep) and “Nope!” (nope). It’s adorable. She also started hollering “Mommy!” every time she wants my attention – even if she’s only inches from me. It was also adorable the first couple times, but I have to say the appeal has already worn off. On to the “get her to stop” experimentation…

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