7 Quick Takes: The One Where We Start Decorating for Christmas

  1. We had some rough times this week. Well, at least, I did. Aria and Noah seemed fine. I’ve been tired and generally off my game, and both kids have slight colds. I’ve not been doing as well with my eating, which is probably part of why I am off, and is causing Noah to be slightly fussy. Aria has also been exceptionally toddler-like this week. I suppose it’s possible she’s picking up my vibe. I’m working on getting things back into equilibrium, but it takes a few days to adjust.
  2. I’m frustrated that I have stalled in my post-baby weight loss. It’s normal, and Noah is only 4 months old, so realistically I should not be expecting too much right now. But that’s easier said than done, when you feel frumpy and your diet is restricted but you’re still holding onto weight you don’t want. Sigh…and Halloween candy mixed with me feeling sorry for myself is just making the entire situation worse. I know these first could of topics this week are downers. Sorry about that. But, in the interest of being real, I want to tell you when what is on my mind is a bummer, so you don’t think it’s all sunshine and roses around here.
  3. Tonight I have a movie night with girl friends to look forward to, and tomorrow night my sister and I are taking Noah (and maybe Aria) to the Philharmonic concert. I’m looking forward to both those things, and I’m sure they will help my attitude. 🙂 I promise to be back to my usual optimistic self next Friday.
  4. I am officially organized for work, home, and the holidays through the rest of the year. I have lists galore! My brain always feels fuzzy unless I have my thorough lists in order. Now I just have to get my butt in gear to accomplish what I’ve set out to do.
  5. We are starting Christmas decorations this weekend. I’m hoping to purchase storage items and get everything organized (decorations, wrap, etc.) so I can feel clear-headed about setting things up. Until last year I didn’t have enough decorations here to bother making storage decisions, and I didn’t do it post-Christmas, so now I’m in desperate need of a good organizing session.
  6. Noah will be 4 months old tomorrow. I can hardly believe that’s true. The time is going by so much more quickly than it did with Aria, and that was already too fast. We go to the doctor for his 4 month check-up on Tuesday. I’m curious to see how much he’s grown in the two months since our last appointment. I’ll definitely fill you in next week.
  7. I have to exercise so much self-control to keep from buying out the stores for Aria’s birthday and Christmas this year. I don’t want her to have a load of toys, but she’s at that point where she engages imaginatively with things, and I love to watch her. It can be difficult deciding what to get her and how to handle it, since her birthday and Christmas are at the same time. She will change so much between now and a year from now. Things she isn’t quite ready for now she will be ready for before the next gift-giving opportunity rolls around. I’m glad we give her a gift for her half-birthday, or I’d probably completely lose control of my spending.

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