7 Quick Takes: The One with Guilt-Free Cookie Recipes

  1. So, I sang exactly one of the six Holiday Pops concerts. I mean, seriously? I sang the opening night performance, and it was quite enjoyable. It started snowing about the time I got home that night, and it didn’t stop until after I needed to leave for the concert nearly 24 hours later. In the meantime, my in-laws got stuck in our nearly nonexistent driveway, and I decided I wasn’t making the drive. I may have been able to get there and back, but it probably would have taken me ages, and I can’t do that with Noah right now. Anyhoo, the only other concert I’m supposed to sing is this evening, and I don’t think I’m going to make it to that one, either, because I have two sick kiddos who need their mommy. They’re not in terrible shape, but they’re sick enough that Noah needs to eat often, and he needs his mommy rather than a bottle.
  2. Last week’s snow made for an absolutely gorgeous, laidback day of cookie baking. We made these and these, and they are excellent – and guilt-free. Sometime this weekend I’m hoping to also make these.
  3. My thumb is basically healed. It’s still a little tender, but that’s no big deal. This week I discovered the providential reason I very strangely sliced my thumb. Remember how my thumb didn’t go numb for the stitches? They told me some people don’t numb as easily as others. Well, this week I had a small procedure on my face. I had a cyst that has become infected in the past, so while we were in this calendar year where Noah helped me meet my deductible, I thought I should get it taken care of. They did the procedure with local anesthetic, and if I hadn’t just sliced my thumb open, I would not have known to tell the doctor I don’t numb easily. He used more than twice the numbing agent he originally planned. Praise God that I was so bizarrely clumsy a few weeks ago.
  4. Wednesday evening Straight No Chaser came to town for a sold out show. I, of course, had tickets. It was my third SNC show, and it was fantastic. They did approximately half Christmas tunes, including their original, “Indiana Christmas”, which I love. For a second encore they put down the mics and sang “O Holy Night” without amplification. It was gorgeous.
  5. My new blogger friend Sarah is hosting a linkup next week(ish) so we can share what we’ve read in 2013. I’m excited to participate with her. If you have a blog, I hope to see you join in! If you don’t have a blog, you can still participate in the comments.
  6. Once I finish work today, I will officially be off the rest of the year. Yeah, buddy! I truly love my job, and the people I work with. But boy, is it nice to have those times when my attention can be home and only home for a while.
  7. I adore the show The Sing-Off. It’s the only televised talent competition I watch, because it’s the only I’ve seen where the contestants and the judges are all skilled and knowledgable. Sometimes I get downright giddy watching the performances, and never more so than with this one. (If you’re reading this in a RSS reader or an email, you may need to visit the site to see the video.)


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