7 Quick Takes: The One Where Aria Cleans the Toilet

  1. So, it’s Wednesday afternoon, and I’m relaxing, letting Aria do her own thing. Therein lies my mistake. Because soon she appears with the bottle brush and puts it down near me. I noticed it was soaked, so I asked how it got wet. She replied, “Potty water!” Uh…what?? I said, “You got the water from the potty?” Oh, yes, she sure did! And she was so proud of herself. That’s also the water she was carrying around in her toy teacup. Thankfully she’s a very obedient child, so when I told her to immediately go dump the water from her teacup in the sink, she trotted right off to do so. I went to check things out and discovered the floors were soaked because she had been cleaning the toilet repeatedly with the bottle brush. In her defense, the bottle brush does look an awful lot like a miniature toilet brush. So. That went in the garbage.
  2. I’ve been out of the house twice this week! Say what? Yes, that’s right, the weather and my health have cooperated such that we have left the house! It has been a-mazing.
  3. Noah is such a mama’s boy. It’s simultaneously endearing and frustrating. He cries when he sees me and I don’t pick him up, even if he was, for example, contented in his dad’s arms a moment prior. If he wakes up and I’m not in the room, he flips out. It’s difficult to accomplish much right now. On the other hand, these days won’t last long, and soon he’ll probably be refusing to let me hold him. And he is ADORABLE.
  4. Aria has begun asking me to sing “Jesus songs” at bedtime or while we make breakfast in the morning. It is sooo cute. She particularly likes “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. The other day I moved on from kids songs to “Give Me Jesus”, and she promptly asked me for “Jesus! Kids!” (I politely declined to switch in the middle of my song. I just can’t do that. I had to finish. She didn’t mind – as soon as she realized the word “Jesus” would be repeated in the song she was content.)
  5. Our church meeting was canceled on Sunday because of the horrible weather. I was disappointed, because I wasn’t there the previous Sunday due to illness, and I missed everyone. But, it was a nice relaxed day, and we enjoyed making lunch and having my parents over. I love spending time with my parents, and we love to cook in a leisurely fashion, so it was a great combination.
  6. Switchfoot’s Fading West album dropped a couple weeks ago. As usual, I LOVE it. Jon Foreman has this astonishing ability to put my thoughts into words, even when I don’t know I am thinking/feeling something until I hear the song. I listen to what he writes and think, “Yes! That’s it!”.
  7. The current issue of Real Simple features stories of people who found love late in life. One of the couples met when they became neighbors at a senior living facility. Eventually they had a door installed between their apartments to make it safer for them to come and go constantly. Apparently the only place a door could be positioned was in the master bedroom closets. You guys. I have been laughing uncontrollably at this image every time I think of it for days now. Because the elderly gentleman explained that shortly after the door was installed, the cleaning lady came to his home. He told her he was going out for a while, and proceeded into his closet. I just. I can’t. It’s hysterical.

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