7 Quick Takes: The One That’s a Mixed Bag

  1. Y’all. This day. It hasn’t been a productive week in any but a parenting sense (I hope it’s been productive in a parenting sense…), because the kids have been needy. Today has topped it off. This morning I got the kids around to leave the house in the negative-degree temps, we all got most of the way to the side door to the garage, and I realized there was several feet of path needing shoveled. The drifts were almost to Aria’s waist, so there was no getting through them. I put down my paper bag, gave Aria my new leather purse to keep on her shoulder, grabbed the shovel and cleared the walk one-handed with Noah on my hip. I was not pleased with my circumstance. Then Aria tripped over nothing, fell in the snow, and sobbed. I had to coach myself to demonstrate more concern for her well-being (which I knew to be just fine) than for my snow-covered purse. I finally got the kids in the car and went back for my paper bag, which contained food stuff and my encased computer. I picked the bag up from the bottom, took a step, and the bag just split, contents going everywhere, my computer bouncing down the deck stairs. It appears to be fine. Things have pretty much continued that way today. If only Andy would come home early so I could go get a hotel room alone for the night…surely he wouldn’t mind. I’m not the only one who has days like this, right?
  2. A couple of books came out this week that I am excited about. I preordered them, and I’m already a third of the way through The Antelope in the Living Room. As expected, it’s hi-lar-i-ous. I’m saving Notes from a Blue Bike for later. It’s a “to savor” read, I think, and I’m already reading one of those.
  3. We made this wonderful pulled pork recipe this week. It is so yummy, in part because we dressed the pork with this fantastic paleo barbecue sauce. You should try both. (We substituted a mixture of broth and juice for the Coke in the pork recipe. I think you could do about anything, really.)

    Pulled Pork Exhibits A & B ~ Plumfield Dreams

    Aria is still interested in photography, as indicated by these photos. She saw me take the first picture of my pulled pork, so she took the second.

  4. Andy ordered Aria some more advanced puzzles this week, because she’s putting together her 12-piece set from memory now. Today my friend Cassie taught Aria how to use watercolors, and she did that with immense concentration for quite a while.
  5. We spent the morning with Cassie and her kids. Aria gets so excited to go spend time with them, but after about three hours she hits a wall and can’t stand the stimulation any longer. Today she kept shoving poor Claire when Claire would attempt to hug her. In Aria’s defense, Claire sort of attack-hugs, but regardless, the shoving is an issue. It’s going to be interesting helping them work through their dynamic as they get older. Claire is so outgoing and physical, and Aria, well, see above.
  6. The boys, currently nearly-7-months and nearly-4-months, have yet to have any drama. Of course, they’ve also yet to realize the other exists, but I’m hoping they just stay drama-free.

    Peaceful Play ~ Plumfield Dreams

    Aria and Claire during a peaceful portion of their play time; the boys paying no attention to one another.

  7. I know I already told you this, but it’s basically the highlight of my week, so here it is again. (Did you listen? Did you listen on repeat? Why on earth not?)

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