7 Quick Takes: The One with a Yummy Paleo Recipe

Christmas Decorations 2013 ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Our Christmas decorations are up, and they are gorgeous. We put lights on the entire tree, but decorations only on the top half, out of Aria’s reach.
  2. It’s December 6th. Thus far this month, I’ve had a potluck at church, a Christmas dinner with the ladies from church, the last rehearsal before the Christmas concert for the middle school choir I direct, and two rehearsals for Holiday Pops. This weekend we have our visit to Santa at the fire department and the homeschool choir Christmas concert. And the real madness doesn’t even start until Sunday. I’m living a day or two at a time right now, so I can enjoy the moments and not freak out. December is going by far too quickly already. Well, honestly, time consistently goes by too quickly these days. I’m thankful that reading Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift is helping me savor the season, even as it seems to fly by.
  3. Aria and I are having a great time with our advent Christmas reading. I put our Christmas picture books in a festive box, and we set it in Aria’s room the day after Thanksgiving. She spotted it immediately, and asked, “This?”. I told her it was a surprise for before bed, and at bedtime she remembered and asked “supwise?”, pointing at the box. I got down at her level and told her, “This box is full of Christmas books, and every day between now and Christmas you get to pick out a book and we’ll read it!” She was really excited, and chose one readily (she’s typically very decisive). Every day thereafter she’s asked for “Box! Book?” I am absolutely thrilled at how quickly she understood and took to it. We read a lot anyway, but somehow this month something has clicked, so she is engaged with the reading most times, instead of just wanting to turn the pages constantly. She’s growing up. <tear>
  4. I’ve gotten back in the reading groove. I recently read Lauren Graham’s debut novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe. I thought it was delightful, and intelligent. I’ve seen Lauren Graham on late night television, and I’ll be honest – I wasn’t sure she was more than a ditzy actress. I was wrong. In addition to Ann’s book, I am also currently reading Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent series. The series has gotten better with each book. I’m pleased with the way things are coming together in this last installment. It’s deeper and better-written than most YA fiction.
  5. I got my stitches removed this morning. It was unpleasant, what I would describe as highly uncomfortable. After more than a week dealing with them, I’m glad to have them out.
  6. I just rediscovered Old Navy. They have the most adorable clothes for little kids. And I got myself these lovely leggings for lounging.

    Aren’t they cute? They make me happy.

  7. This is my current favorite recipe. It’s flavorful, and healthy, and basically an entire meal in a sweet potato. Seriously, y’all. It’s SO GOOD.
    Chipotle Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    Chipotle Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


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