8 Quick Takes: Because I Had 7, and Then I Went to the ER

  1. Noah is now in possession of two bottom teeth. He’s also slept through the night a few times now, though not entirely consistently, and he is wearing 12 months clothes. Wednesday we got out the Bumbo seat, and he loved it.
  2. Aria is such a joy. She learns more each day, and it’s delightful watching her experience and learn. It’s become clear these past few weeks that food has a drastic effect on her temperament (this is not a surprise) in unfortunate ways. Thankfully she’s still young enough that we can adjust her diet without her recognizing the change.
  3. We did get our Christmas tree last weekend. Aria and I just started decorating the house on Wednesday. I’ve had intentions to decorate for two weeks now, but couldn’t accomplish it. This week I finally got organized enough to get it done. My goal for today is to finish decorating, including putting up the tree.
  4. Tuesday evening Andy’s mom and I took the kids and one of their cousins to the local Christmas parade. The county seat has a parade after which they light their big Christmas light display. Our fire department, headed up by Andy’s brother, has won the first place award for their entry in the parade 5 years running. It was very cold for November, but we had a fantastic time. Aria was both thrilled and a bit baffled by much of the experience. Her favorite part was the gent dressed as a snowman. She’s very into “no”. After the parade she spotted him in the crowd and told me “No! Wok!” (“Snow! Walk!”) until I took her over to him. She told him hi and gave him a high five, then jabbered about him the rest of the evening. A Christmas Story Model A 2013 ~ Plumfield Dreams
  5. Wednesday evening I was cutting an apple for Aria with a very sharp, good quality paring knife, when I had one of those freak accident things. I actually had stopped cutting, and somehow I still managed to cut my thumb. Instead of cutting into my thumb, I basically shoved my thumb onto the knife in some weird motion. I don’t know. But anyway, I had to get a couple stitches, because the place I cut myself gets knocked around so much it won’t heal on its own. I had figured that out by the fact it didn’t want to stop bleeding. It was a good 20 minutes or more from the time I cut myself to when we arrived at the hospital, and I was applying pressure the entire time, but that thing did not want to give up on the bleeding. Anyhoo, I have a couple stitches, and I’m popping the Advil and trying to guard my thumb around the kids, who make sudden movements and like to grab things. So, no big deal, though it is painful and inconvenient. The worst part by far was that the numbing agent didn’t take effect where I cut myself, so I felt the stitches. That was wholly unpleasant, and an experience I do not recommend.
  6. Yesterday we had Thanksgiving with my family. We also celebrated Andy’s birthday, though it isn’t until the 7th, because Mom and I are über-busy on his birthday weekend. Andy and I spent the morning cooking. We made all these recipes, plus this cranberry sauce and a mushroom brown rice recipe from my whole foods cookbook (affiliate link). My mom also cooked several dishes we traditionally eat, and everything was great. We had a nice afternoon, and, as always, I was grateful for my family.
  7. My reading has fallen off drastically the past several weeks, and I expect it will largely stay slow until January. It will take 9 more books to complete my goal of 80 for the year (bumped up from my original goal of 60). That’s not looking likely. I should complete at least two, but 9 is a bit ambitious, considering there aren’t 9 weeks left in the year.
  8. Did you know this happened? You can watch it on demand by clicking on the image. Sit down with a steaming cup of whatever you prefer, because you’ll want to savor your time with these ladies.


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