Ebook Bundle: Real Food for Winter

Bundle #43: Real Food for Winter

I love these ebook bundles! Each week a new bundle of 5 books on a specific topic is released. The bundle is always $7.40, and the book selection is always great. I’ve purchased several bundles, and starting this week I am working with them as an affiliate partner. That means if you purchase the bundle through a link you receive from me, I will receive a small portion of the profit (at no extra cost to you). Check out this bundle and see if it’s something that appeals to you! (Personally, I’m excited about the whole foods aspect, and the book on soups is right up my alley.)

This collection includes more than 175 recipes at almost 80% off their retail price from bloggers who are known for their delicious and nourishing real food recipes.

Nourishing Menu Plans on a Budget by Diana Bauman
In Nourishing Menu Plans on a Budget, Diana shares more than 20 meals plus recipes for homemade stock, salad dressings and desserts to help make cooking real food simple for your family. She’s also included a menu plan and shopping lists to help you save money in the process. Planning ahead is the key to serving healthy, nourishing meals, and this ebook offers you a month off from meal planning with recipes your family is sure to love.

Soups, Chilis & Stews: From My Table to Yours from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures
While soups are simple to make, they are bursting with complex flavors and offer a deliciously simple and nutritious meal for your family. Unfortunately, most canned soups are full of preservatives and sodium, but in Soups, Chilis & Stews, Lynn shows you how to cook healthier versions at home just as easily. These recipes are hearty and filling, easy to freeze and perfect for winter evenings!

Simple Food {For Winter} by Shannon Stonger
Simple Food {For Winter} is a seasonal cookbook that emphasize real food and sustainable living with 30 grain-free recipes. Shannon also shows you how to make grain-free biscuits that are tender on the inside and crisp on the outside, identify and prepare the foods that your body needs most during the winter, use the squash, turnips, kale, lacto-fermented and dehydrated vegetables that are the backbone of winter vegetables, get the most out of your beans through soaking and sprouting, and much, much more.

Wholesome Comfort by Kate Tietje
Comfort food is perfect in the snowy winter — warm, creamy, and satisfying. In Wholesome Comfort, Kate offers more than 40 tried-and-true, down-home comfort food recipes made with only real food ingredients. This cookbook offers recipes that will make you feel as good as they looks and taste, with no guilt or after-effects: Food that nourishes while it comforts. Food that’s reminiscent of perfect family favorites…and will become new family favorites.

Steeped: Simple Nourishing Teas and Treats by Katherine Stanley
Discover the simple pleasure of curling up with a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day or sharing tea with friends and family through Katherine’s Steeped: Simple Nourishing Teas and Treats. With more than 50 recipes for scones, breads, ice creams, teas, sandwiches and salads plus an introduction to tea essentials, this ebook will help you view tea time in a whole new way!

The Real Food for Winter bundle is only available through 8am EST on Monday, 10/28. Get yours today!

Quick Takes: Wherein I Am Feeling Accomplishy

 BabyFruit Ticker

  • I believe I have hit the nesting phase of pregnancy. It seems a bit early to me, but in the past week I’ve suddenly been riding a wave of energy and initiative. My to-do list is quaking with fear, I’ve been putting lines through it so aggressively. My midwife appointment last week was very good. Stephanie gave me a list of herbal supplements to look into to help prepare for labor in the last weeks. Other than that, it was fairly uneventful – we’re still in good health, and Noah is still measuring normally based on fundal height. We’re on two week appointments now, and next week I have my follow-up scan to see where the placenta is placed now (since it was low the first time). I’m looking forward to another peek at Noah, and hearing how the ultrasound is currently measuring him. Stephanie is optimistic that he’ll be smaller than Aria, since I’m not having any of the problems I had in my pregnancy with her.
  • The contractors are entirely done. The gutter guy came a couple weeks ago, and the decorative siding went on the end of last week. The house looks beautiful on the outside! I love it. I thoroughly enjoy coming home just so I can look at it as I approach. We are in the planning stages for a sizable deck out back, which will be one of the next projects, I believe. I hope so, because it would be fantastic to sit out on our own deck this summer.
  • I’m particularly enjoying work right now. I think it’s knowing that leave is coming on like a freight train, which forces prioritization and intense concentration. I feel super-productive. Maybe it’s more of that nesting thing. We usually have a staff meeting one morning a week, and Mom watches Aria for me. This week we had no meeting, but Mom still volunteered to keep Aria for me and I went and spent 5 – count ’em, 5 – straight hours at Starbucks working away. I never got up once. It was pure bliss. I accomplished so much, and it was relaxing (yes, it was relaxing to work 5 hours with no break). I wouldn’t mind doing that semi-regularly. I’ve also begun taking a MOOC (massive open online course) entitled Instructional Design for Mobile Learning. It’s very interesting, and feeds my need to be constantly learning something.

I have my first guest post slot lined up! I’ll post specific information when I am able. For now, I’ll just say I’m excited!