Weekend Reads

Ann Voskamp just slays me – Why You Never Stop Being Needed

My friend Abby speaks my language – Some Grace for Grace

I love this idea from Sally Clarkson for creating family time and legend – Celebrating God’s Miracles in the Clarkson Family Through Family Day

And this, this I identify with so deeply. If you’re attempting a creative endeavor (and I hope you are) and you feel you don’t measure up, consider it a good thing and keep going.

Glass Quotation

Linky Links for Your Weekend

I don’t have a lot of links for you this week, but sometimes that’s nice, isn’t it? May your weekend be a time of both productivity and rest, and may all your days be an act of worship.

For your enjoyment, here is what happens when I let Aria help pick out her clothes:

Plumfield Dreams: Aria Picks Out Her Clothes

Linky Links for Your Weekend