Baby Dos: 15 Weeks

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15 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and apparently Baby Dos is the size of an orange. It’s fun to follow the size changes, though they always seem too small based on how I feel and think I look. 😉 I’m not feeling movement consistently yet, but that’s not surprising, as it is still quite early for that. This morning I sneezed and got several swift kicks/punches in response. Poor little thing. Probably woke it from a nice doze.

In the past week I’ve discovered another thing that’s different about pregnancy the second time: round ligament pain. Good grief, it’s more obnoxious! I haven’t had any severe pain yet, but for almost a week now I’ve had nearly constant round ligament pain ranging from discomfort to actually hurting. I’m over it, but somehow I don’t think it’s done with me yet. 🙂 I remember there was only one time in my pregnancy with Aria where the round ligament pain was severe. I rolled over one night (for the gazillionth time), and suddenly pain shot through me like I’d never felt before. It lasted less than a minute, and for that time it felt like something was trying to tear out my insides. I knew what it was, so it didn’t panic me, but I was sure glad when it was over and that it never returned. Here’s hoping I don’t see much of that this time!

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