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Plumfield Dreams ~ Christmas PlanningOkay. I’m one of those people who starts thinking about Christmas in September. (I know, I already annoy some of you. Sorry. Sort of. Not really.) From my perspective, it’s perfectly natural. Because, you see, I both sing in and direct choirs, and we start rehearsing Christmas music in September. YOU try having Christmas music stuck in your head all the time and not getting into the spirit of the season. So, anyway, that’s my excuse. Also, I just love Christmas.

Also, I am a serious planner. I’m one of those people who writes down things I’ve already done just so I can check them off my list.

Aaaand my readership has just diminished. “She starts thinking about Christmas in September AND she’s one of those crazy control-freak-planner-people??” Yes. Both things are true. I just felt like I needed to get this out in the open immediately, so you needn’t waste any more time with me than absolutely necessary.

Is anyone still there? Anyone?

I know I’m not the only one who loves to plan, so I trust some of you actually started getting way too excited when you read the title of this post. You know – like I would do.

I prefer to be purposeful about how I approach life (most people who know me well would tell you I think too much). This is our first year of creating holiday memories as a family of three, and I want to start building our traditions (we’ll talk about those more soon). For me to feel I have everything together, I need my lists to read over, add to, and cross off.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten the true confessions out of the way, I’d love to share with you the planning system I’m using this
year. Through some fabulous ladies who share certain of my idiosyncrasies, I found these:

Holiday Grand Plan | Organized Home

101 Days of Christmas | Christmas Your Way

These are each thorough resources. They take slightly different approaches, and they’re both fantastic. Personally, I like the clean look of the 101 Days of Christmas resources better, but I found just as many useful planning pages in the Holiday Grand Plan. So, being crazy, I looked at every single page that sounded useful to me, compared the two plans, and printed out the ones I like best. Then I put them all in the order which was most logical to me, and inserted them in a binder. And I had So. Much. Fun.

There are more options where these came from, but here are some of the pages I chose to include in my Christmas binder:

This is my first year doing the full-blown decorations thing, as well as our first year having a child, a birthday the day before Christmas, and all the rejiggering that goes with those things. I am finding the planning sheets help me to be thorough, enjoy the process of Christmas planning, andΒ keep my sanity.

Yay! Christmas is coming!

9 thoughts on “Christmas: Planning

  1. Okay, so, you never lost me! What does that say? πŸ˜‰ Just purchased, Truth in the Tinsel, a wonderful craft and Biblical approach to the holiday season. Anxious to add it to our current tradition of using an advent calendar. Keep it in mind for two years down the road. Any other tradition suggestions?

    • Of course I didn’t lose you, person-who-shares-my-Christmas-ideas-pinboard! πŸ˜‰

      I’ve heard about Truth in the Tinsel, but hadn’t looked at it seriously yet. I’m glad you got it. Once you’ve gone through it I want to hear more!

      I’ll write about our traditions tomorrow or Friday. I’m excited about some things we’re starting this year! Yay!

  2. Me! Me!! I’m still here! *waves frantically, jumping up and down*

    Also, with the planning – I do think you’re a little crazy. I want to be you so bad…

  3. These are both great resources. I also wanted to introduce you to my own, which has been around since 2008: 100 Days to Christmas. It begins on September 16 and covers all of the holidays and special events of the season. There are two ways that you can enjoy it: purchase the eBook, which includes 31 printables, or subscribe to the daily posts. Just thought you might like to know πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I’ll check it out! Last year I got the Holiday ePlanner from List PlanIt (did I type that correctly?), and I’m still working out how I want to incorporate it into my planning. It has some great unique pages!

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