{Clean Eating} Recipes

Sweet Potato and Brown Rice Soup from The Pretty Bee.

{Clean Eating} Recipe Links ~ Plumfield DreamsWe try to plan our menu two weeks at a time, because that’s how we do our major grocery shopping. Typically I don’t plan weekend meals ahead, and we don’t eat every meal I plan. We often get (or make) a pizza one night a week, and on the weekends our schedules are often up in the air, so planning is pointless. One of these days I’ll write a post specific to convenience foods for those times. We typically eat leftovers for lunch, and snacks are fruits and nuts. These are the recipes we’re trying the next couple weeks. (Click the images to find the individual recipes on Pinterest.)

Wok-Style Garlic Chicken and Carrots from The Gracious Pantry. We’ll add seasoning and more veggies to beef up the flavor and nutrition. Serve with rice.

Slow Cooker Carnitas-Style Chicken from Jeanette’s Healthy Living. We’ll omit the juniper berries, ’cause, uh, I have no clue where to find those. May serve with sweet potatoes. Could also be served on salad or gluten-free tortillas.

Cabbage Salad with Goat Cheese from Kitchen Stewardship. We will substitute feta cheese, and definitely add sunflower seeds and carrots (which are optional in the recipe).

Grilled Ginger-Sesame Chicken Salad from Menu Musings. We’ll substitute coconut aminos for the soy sauce, and sub out the canola oil for…something. Got a recommendation for me?

Ground Beef Stroganoff from The Paleo Mama. We’ve had this one before, and it’s scrumptious. Plain ol’ whole wheat spaghetti once a week or less is one of the ways we cut corners on our clean diet.

Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad from Louisiana Bride.

We’ll also use our Well Fed and Well Fed 2 cookbooks for such scrumptious meals as Cincinnati Chili and Buffalo Chicken Salad.

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