Currently ~ Just for Fun

Currently ~ Plumfield Dreams

Nothing on our calendar between a work meeting on Monday and a work commitment on Saturday means time at home to catch up, clean up, and relax. Bliss.

Bread & Wine, The Big Moo, Below Stairs (I’m liking them all)

waiting for:
Warm weather unaccompanied by rain. It has to come some time, right?

excited about:
A big stack of new books to read, and the time to read them. Fresh air, time on the deck, thunderstorms.

trying to:
Embrace life as it comes.

working on:
For work? A website redesign, end-of-year wrap-ups of all sorts (I work for a university, so this month is the end of our year).

Laundry done, bathroom cleaned, home cooked meals, regular nap schedules, and sundresses.

Our new iced tea maker. We’ve always had one, but we just replaced our broken one with the newer version. This morning I used it to make iced coffee. Delish. Iced tea and iced coffee ~ perfect for the summer.

Sundresses (I don’t own this one, but I’ll wear it if you buy it for me), skinny jeans and Keens, my hair piled on top of my head (finally, it’s long enough!). I just washed all my summer non-maternity clothes. I haven’t worn them since 2012, so we’ll see if they still work for me.

To start the process of moving Noah to his own bed. (Pray for us?)

To recognize there’s not a thing I need that I don’t already have.

All is grace. All is grace.

listening to:
At this exact moment? Veronica Mars, season one, on Amazon Prime. Noah sucking on his pacifier in his sleep. Gentle rainfall.

Well, uh, I’m writing a blog post. Feet kicked up, a cat asleep next to them; iced coffee on my right; Noah sleeping on my left. Y’all. I have it good.

dreaming of:
Summer evenings on the deck with jazz music, fresh produce, and good convos with our loved ones.

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