I blog mostly for fun, but I’d love to eventually help support my family through the endeavor. To that end, I accept payment and free products through such mechanisms as product reviews, affiliate links, and ads/sponsorships. My thoughts and opinions are not purchased – anything you hear from me will be my thoughts in my words. However, I may sometimes choose my topic in order to tell you about something for which I am being compensated. Whenever that is the case, I will tell you so at the beginning of the post (the FTC requires this disclosure to protect you).

There are ads in the sidebar of this blog. I may be paid if you click on the ads or, more likely, if you purchase after clicking on the ad.

{This post contains affiliate links} means that if you choose to purchase an item to which I’ve linked in the post, I may receive a percentage of the cost of your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

{This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.} mean I have been compensated through payment or free product to give you a review or promotion of a particular item, venue, etc.

Thank you for supporting Plumfield Dreams!

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