Dream Neighbors

This morning as I was driving I was pondering really deep, important issues.

Namely, which TV couples I would like to move to our neighborhood so we can throw the best block parties in history. “Normal” couples, nobody ridiculously over-the-top. People who feel like they might exist somewhere, and you’d actually enjoy knowing them.

And, since these thoughts are so important, I thought I’d best share them with you.

Eric & Tami Taylor ~ I like their priorities and their personalities and their realness. They may be my favorite TV marriage ever.

Cliff & Clair Huxtable ~ I’m thinking I don’t need to explain this one, because everyone loves this family.

Leonard Hofstadter & Penny ~ (Did you know Penny doesn’t have a last name? I just realized it.) I think these two are actually probably pretty normal once you get them away from those weirdos they hang out with. I would enjoy Leonard’s smarts and Penny’s positivity.

Sandy & Kirsten Cohen ~ Sandy is hilarious, and Kirsten is kind, and I appreciate their affinity for taking in strays. It goes well with my affinity for taking in strays.

I’d love to say I’d like Buffy, Spike, and the entire Scooby gang to move to the neighborhood, but I know that would not work out well for me. I’d be a periphery character, and we all know how that ends.

 Did I miss anyone?

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