Five on Friday: The One with Beauty and the Beast

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Mom, my sister Joanna, and I went to see the national tour of Beauty and the Beast at the Embassy Monday evening. I enjoyed the evening thoroughly. The young woman who played Belle was fantastic, and the actor who played Gaston was also particularly impressive. His role is difficult to expand beyond caricature, especially when you have to basically mimic the animated film, but he did a great job with it. The entire cast was good. At times I felt the show needed to decide whether it was catering to children or adults, because it would tilt from a bit too childish to a bit too risque. It needs a happy middle. It was good escapism, regardless.
  2. Tuesday we did a big event at work. Each year our department puts out a candy bar for the students at the university where I work. The goal is to raise awareness about a particular program we offer. We give away candy – good candy, and all you can eat – and we also ran cornhole games for fun prizes (like t-shirts and sunglasses). It was SO much fun! We love interacting with the students, and they are always so blown away that we are just giving them things and throwing them a little party. I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year!
  3. Tuesday evening was my first choral rehearsal in ages. Oh, my, have I missed it! We are going to perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and a commissioned world premiere choral work for the final concert of The Phil season. This is my 15th year in the chorus, and we’ve never had the opportunity to premiere a work. This will be fun! Tuesday evening definitely was. We didn’t have the new piece yet, so we spent the rehearsal on Beethoven’s 9th, which I’ve sung enough times it’s like an old friend.
  4. It’s been an unusual week around here. I’ve been far busier than I am used to these days. Everything has been enjoyable, but it’s worn me down. On top of our busyness, Andy hasn’t been feeling well this week. He even stayed home one day. That’s incredibly unusual, and neither of us cares for it. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, you know how much it throws off your routine when your hubby doesn’t go to work. It’s hard for me to not think of the day as a loss. I have to remind myself that a day is a day is a day. We take it the way it comes to us, and rejoice in what it brings. The fact it didn’t go according to my plans or wishes isn’t relevant.
  5. And here is the usual “aren’t my kids adorable?” portion of the post. I saved it for last so you’d read the rest, ’cause I know this is the real reason you come here. 😉

    Aria and Noah Chillin ~ Plumfield DreamsHere’s Aria being super-cool in very different ways – by sharing with her brother and by rockin’ her sunglasses. (Notice Noah watches TV from under a table. You might also notice my house is covered in toys and my kids live in sleepers. This is real life, my friends.)
    Noah Standing April 2014 ~ Plumfield DreamsThis morning I watched in surprise as Noah pulled himself to his knees to play…and then in astonishment as he kept going to his feet. He even followed the toy a few inches across the floor, and then got down on his own without fear or injury. Who is this grown-up?? Where is my baby?!?

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