Five on Friday: The One Where I’m Extremely Productive

  1. This week I have accomplished thorough cleaning, laundry, grocery and menu planning (Andy does the shopping), and extra cooking and baking, in addition to my normal schedule. I feel extremely accomplishy.
  2. Aria had a stomach bug earlier in the week. Poor baby. She didn’t complain, though she did lie on the couch a few times and mournfully tell me she was sick (though, to be honest, that could have been play). She just wasn’t her usual upbeat, energetic self. Thankfully, it passed quickly, and it doesn’t appear she shared it with any of the rest of us. Noah talks a lot these days, and pulls himself up to everything. He’s getting good at eating solids. He is still clingy with me, and that remains simultaneously sweet and frustrating. Aria seems to have turned into a little girl over night. Truly. Check out this side-by-side: Aria Side-by-Side April 2014
  3. Mid-April through mid-May make up probably the busiest month I’ll have this year. (Maybe December will top it? I’ll let you know…) Both the choir I sing in and the choir I direct have concerts, I have to travel for work (which happens exactly one time per year), and in the middle of tech week for The Phil concert I will be taking my one night off to go down to Indy to see Nickel Creek. (Andy mays mutiny that week…)
  4. The music we’re doing for our (The Phil) upcoming concert is intriguing. We are premiering a choral work by a composer named Jonathan Leshnoff. The entirety of the text was written by Edgar Allan Poe, so that gives you an idea of how uplifting it is. Parts of it are truly beautiful, though. That piece is juxtaposed by Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which comprises the other portion of the concert. It will be a fascinating show.
  5. I hosted a Norwex party last night. Have you heard of Norwex? It’s fantastic stuff. Their big thing is their microfiber, which is antimicrobial (it contains silver). All you have to do is add water, and they clean pretty much anything and sanitize. I am excited to get more toxins out of our house, simplify cleaning, and reduce the amount of cleaning junk I have to store.

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