Five on Friday: The One with the Talking Noah

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Noah is becoming more independent. When prompted he can find things he has left elsewhere (i.e., pacifier). He is falling to sleep on his own, rather than nursing to sleep. Today I even left him in his crib for a couple of minutes at naptime, and he was fine. He gave a fake cry a couple times, then settled in and started happily yelling “Daddy” (which he does constantly anyway, so it wasn’t really an indication he expected to be rescued). I didn’t push it – I went and got him and put him down in our bed as usual. But, all these things are giving me hope we may be close to him sleeping in his own crib!
  2. Noah’s two favorite words are “Daddy” and “buddy”. Andy and I both consistently call him buddy, and he seems to perceive it as the way to get another’s attention. The first I realized this was the other night when he wanted me to roll over and lie a certain way, so he called “buddy” until I did so. He pronounces it “bu-DEE”. It’s quite charming.
  3. We got Aria construction paper and her first pair of scissors, and she is delighted. So now our house looks like this: Aria plays with scissors But, hey, learning! And motor skills!
  4. We ate this yummy crockpot carnitas-style chicken last night. I like this recipe because it’s tasty, healthy, easy, and cheap. We eat it over rice, and I douse it with hot sauce. The kids like it, too. You could easily turn it into additional meals by serving it on salad or putting it in a soup. Last night I served it with cauliflower seasoned liberally with oil, salt, cumin, and paprika and roasted in a 400-degree oven for about an hour.
  5. Speaking of food, we’re about to start a Whole 30. I would like to start next week, but it works better for our schedule to start the 18th, so that’s my plan. I just got this toy so we can make fake pasta (read: vegetables). I’m excited about it! Let you know how it works out…

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