Five on Friday: The One With the Vacation Of Sorts

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

Quarterly BKR03 ~ Plumfield Dreams

I got my Quarterly Book Riot shipment. It contained three books (yay! even though one is a romance novel…) It also contained an “I Read YA” button, a pouch that looks like an old library card, a deck of cards that features pictures of great writers, and two free months subscription to Oyster, a new ebooks subscription service. That’s the thing I’m most excited about, other than the books. Oyster is supposed to be like Netflix for ebooks – unlimited reading. That big red thing is a poster detailing the ten reasons we should read romance. I already recycled it.

  1. This is a week full of anniversaries. Today, of course, is the 70th anniversary of D-Day, which is so huge I don’t even know what to say about it. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my best friend’s wedding (and there was nothing about it that even faintly resembled that movie). That was a beautiful day, and they’ve had a beautiful marriage. They’ve had tough times and ups-and-downs, of course, but they have grown stronger and closer and more understanding over the years, and I am proud of them. Wednesday was the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. That day is bittersweet, because I am grateful he was released from his ailing body and mind, but I miss him. All this to say I am feeling a bit introspective this week.
  2. I took most of the week off from work. I worked some extra hours in the last couple months, which enabled me to save up time off. I’ve been feeling worn down, and this week I didn’t have too much pressing on my plate either at work or at home, so I decided to let things go. I did a great job of that – I worked only as much as I had to for my employer, and only as much as I felt like in my house. I’ve recently decided to do a hardcore decluttering, and I did some work as I felt inspired. I went through the drawers in the kitchen, the cabinets in the bathroom, and all the kids’ toys. We have a growing pile of items to sell or give away. I’m pondering holding a garage sale at the end of the month, but I haven’t talked myself into committing yet.
  3. This week was the beginning of the library’s summer reading programs. I took the kids to the toddler session on Thursday morning, and we had a good time. We sang songs, played some games, and listened to a story. It was all educational, of course. Aria wouldn’t participate–she just wanted to observe. That’s how she learns, and I expect she’ll do it another week or two before she’s willing to join in. Interestingly, the only time she did get involved was to help pick things up when there were activities that made a bit of a mess. I was amused looking around the circle and realizing that, for the most part, it was the moms who were doing all the wild motions and singing the strange songs, while the kids just looked on. Who’s training who here?
  4. Noah has been sleeping back in our bed for a couple days because he’s having congestion issues at night. I can tell it’s a food reaction, but I’m still searching for to what. His breathing is less labored when he’s against me (which is how we got started with this situation to begin with), so I haven’t tried to put him in his own bed. Overall, though, I think he’s starting to do better with being separated from me in various situations and sleeping in his own bed some. Other Noah news – this week he started walking while holding hands! He sometimes will walk holding just one hand, and he is pushing himself up and standing straight on his own some now, as well. Walking is so close!
  5. I feel as though I am searching for the rhythm of life for this season (both the literal and the figurative). Even after a week off I find myself feeling worn down and vaguely frustrated with the way our days are going right now. I haven’t figured out what needs to give, but I’m closely observing, thinking, and praying. I trust things will fall into place when they should.

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