Five on Friday: The One with the Jim Gaffigan Show

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. We spent most of last weekend with my immediate family, and my aunt and uncle (my mom’s brother). I am incredibly grateful for the stable home in which I grew up, and that my family are my best friends. My aunt and uncle are also some of my very favorite people in the world. We never have enough time together. We didn’t do anything eventful with the weekend – just talking and eating – but it was wonderful.
  2. Aria is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. As in, she wants to watch it every day. Which is mildly annoying, but at least she has good taste in movie musicals. She’s actually started telling me what’s going to happen next. My favorite part about her preference for the story is that she loves the Beast the most. She gets worried during the part where Belle’s father is surrounded by wolves, and she tells us she’s scared, wanting that section skipped. But she anticipates seeing “Beass!” from the moment the opening scene starts up, and he never makes her nervous. When I was young, I remember being scared of him in the early parts of the movie, nervous he would hurt someone. Watching it now I see that he is just a frightened, hurting boy in a big, intimidating body. Aria actually seems to understand that innately, and she likes him. I like that in her.
  3. Noah just moved up to 18 months clothing. You guys. He’s not even 9 months old yet. If you are, say, a 5’4″ woman, and you are pondering marriage to a man who is, oh, I don’t know, say, 6’2″ and broad, may I give you some advice? You’re going to want to brace yourself for the potential for giant children. Because you are probably never going to do any of that adorable holding-your-baby-on-your-forearm stuff. Your son may be in size 2 diapers at two weeks old. And your two-year-old daughter may come to your waist. It’s going to be a challenge to hold on to my authority when Noah is five-years-old and taller than me.
  4. NPR has a well-written write-up on Nickel Creek’s recent collaboration. It’s a First Listen article, which means you can also listen to the album! Reading something like this makes me happy before I even start the track:
    “At the end of the doleful lover’s story “Christmas Eve,” each singer takes up the phrase, “It’s not all over yet” in a spontaneous not-quite-round, bending the notes toward a minor key and lifting the lines back up — almost clashing, but always just resolving, like one hurt brain determined to keep its swirling thoughts in order. It’s remarkable, showing how three distinct voices can come together in the service of expressing how one person can feel many things at once.”
  5. Andy and I went to see Jim Gaffigan Sunday evening, and then we used a gift card from a dear friend (thanks, Mel!) to go out to Olive Garden for dinner. It was a fantastic evening. I loved every minute of being just the two of us. Also, Jim Gaffigan is hi.lar.i.ous.

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