Five on Friday: The One Where I Hobble Around

5 on Friday ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Last Thursday I moved Aria’s toy bins from their usual spot in the living room to her room, just inside the door. On Friday I was carrying her in to put her down for a nap, forgot the bins were there, and slammed my foot into one. And broke my toe. This is why my philosophy is that one should never rearrange furniture. Well, that and I’m fundamentally lazy. Broken Toe
  2. This whole don’t-walk-and-keep-your-foot-elevated thing is a bit of a bummer. I’m working at a giant homeschool convention in downtown Cincinnati this weekend, and a convention hall is not the most comfortable place to keep my foot propped up. Also, all food that is not fried is a walk of several blocks. First world problems, am I right? I do love working this convention, though. One of my best friends in the world works it with me, so we get to spend hours visiting. Well, normally. Tonight her son got sick and she had to leave early. I’m hoping he’s better and she’s able to be back with me tomorrow, because eight hours alone behind a table in a convention hall – with my foot propped up – is just too much. (Oh, and for good measure, tonight I got klutzy and dropped my purse directly on my toe. So I’m feeling stellar tonight. Not at all ridiculous or in pain.)
  3. The kids and my mom are down here with me this weekend. Today they met a friend and went to the Newport Aquarium, and tomorrow they’re hoping to go to the Cincinnati Zoo. I love having them with me, and the good bonding time they get with their grandma, but whoo! It is some serious work and stress for Mom and me. The hotel has been a particular adventure. It’s Noah’s first time. He’s done well, but had a difficult time falling asleep last night. He and I are sharing a bed, and Mom and Aria are sharing a bed. Mom has it rougher. Aria prefers to sleep nearly on top of Mom (partly because she’s scared of the edge of the bed), and apparently in the middle of last night while I was oblivious Aria sat up and perkily said, “Hi!”…then made intermittent friendly conversation for two hours before succumbing to a deep sleep. Thankfully, when she hit that deep sleep it was for real – she slept through construction right outside our window that began before 7am, Noah crying and talking, Mom and me getting ready for the day, and me leaving. Kids, man. They are a constant adventure.
  4. I’ve been reading Shauna Niequist’s book, Bread & Wine, and I highly recommend it; especially if, like me, you love to cook for people. I’m just discovering how deeply my love of cooking for people, particularly to have in our home, really runs. I feel as though Shauna is putting my recent half-formed thoughts and swirling emotions into words. And there are fantastic recipes.
  5. I have decided to start journaling. Part of this whole rest kick I’m on is that I have more and more deep thoughts swirling around, actually finding space in my typically overcrowded brain to hang out, and I need to get them down. I’m hoping to turn some of them into blog posts in the future, but I need to fully process them myself first. I think journaling will help do that. I haven’t decided yet how I want to do it. I like to write things out longhand, but it takes me a LOT longer to do it that way than to type. I’d love input on that subject. Do you have a favorite method of journaling? Is there a journal/program/app/pen you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: The One Where I Hobble Around

  1. I wish I had the gumption to start journaling. I have all of these fantastic, pretty journals laying around that never get filled. No favorite pens here, but I look forward to reading the posts that come from your “overcrowded brain.” 🙂

    • Ironically, I just discovered a beautiful journal this week that I apparently purchased a while back and totally forgot about. Thanks for the encouragement!

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