7 Quick Takes: The One with the Fun Weekend Plans

  1. Last weekend was full of family, which is always lovely. My brother came up Saturday, and we spent most of the day with my family, just enjoying being together. Yet again on Sunday our church meeting was canceled because of the weather. Andy and I spent most of the day cooking – we made ribs for lunch and had my parents over, and then we made chicken tacos for dinner and had his parents over. It was lovely.
  2. At work on Monday, we talked strengths. I love talking strengths! Have you done the assessment? Can we chat about it? My top five are activator, strategic, input, individualization, and context.
  3. We have a lot of fun planned for this weekend – a birthday party, a game night with our church family, and Disney Princesses on Ice for Aria and me with Cassie and Claire. It’s busy, but not too busy, and it includes Disney princesses skating. That’s fantastic, right? (What? Everyone doesn’t think that’s exciting? What is WRONG with you?)
  4. The Lord is teaching me new things about what it means for me to rest. For example, this week I had the realization I don’t like to schedule two things in one day. When I had just one kid who was flexible it was no big deal. But now that I have two kids and one of them is not flexible, it is problematic for us to try to do multiple things in one day. Obviously we still do, but where I can control it, we will keep the schedule to one event per day (or less – we don’t go somewhere every day).
  5. I got on our exercise bike today for the first time since I got pregnant with Noah. Well, I got on it once while I was pregnant with Noah, but that turned out to be a mistake; hence the break. Anyway, for a series of reasons I’ve not been riding since he was born, but this morning the kids were both safely occupied and I exercised! Woot! Now, here’s where it gets real: I rode for ten minutes, because my legs (and, let’s not kid ourselves, I was on a bike for the first time in 17 months, my butt) were burning like fire. AND, I got off twice in those ten minutes to grab something for the kids really quickly. But I don’t care. I’m calling it a win.
  6. This paleo barbecue sauce is wonderful. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. It’s nothing to be intimidated by, either. It has to cook a while, but it’s super-easy.
  7. I don’t usually watch commercials, but this one cracks. me. up.

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