My Top 5 Pregnancy/Postpartum Must Haves

Top 5 Must Haves for Pregnancy and Post-PartumTop 5 Must Haves for Pregnancy and Post-Partum

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  1. Comfy flats/sandals. Included in the “why didn’t anyone ever tell me this?” category is the fact that your feet may change size when you are pregnant. Permanently. The hormone changes that allow your body to make room for baby cause all of your ligaments to loosen. This may mean your feet spread out, making your shoes too tight. It is not guaranteed to happen, and there’s no way to know until several months post-pregnancy whether they will stay larger or return to their original size. When I was pregnant with Aria my feet went up a shoe size, and there they stayed. With Noah they have stayed the same size. If your feet do change size, invest in comfortable, stable shoes, but don’t get carried away with your spending until you know (6 months after birth) whether they will stay that size.
  2. Good undergarments. I knew my breasts would change with pregnancy (everybody knows that, right?), but it never occurred to me that as my belly expanded my panties might become uncomfortable (and some women gain most of their weight in the hips/thighs during pregnancy – sorry, ladies). As your pregnancy progresses it is worth it to get fitted for a good bra that actually fits (your breasts are preparing to make milk – you do not want to squash them right now), and you may also find you need a new size and/or style of panties, well.
  3. Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. These herbs are natural methods to prepare your body for labor. They help to strengthen your uterus to make it work more efficiently and effectively when you go into labor. They will not induce labor, but they can help encourage it when your body is ready.
  4. Witch hazel and pads. These are post-pregnancy musts. You can prepare your own post-birth spray, or you can use the witch hazel pads typically used for hemorrhoids. As you are already aware from dealing with your menstrual cycle, determining which pads you prefer is a matter of testing them out. If you deliver at the hospital, they are likely to send you home with some. If you have a home or birth center birth, you will likely need to provide your own. Be sure you have a couple of options on hand. This time around I’ll be doing this.
  5. Pillows. Pregnancy requires you to sleep on your side from 12ish weeks on. Unless you are a natural side sleeper, this is likely to be a tough adjustment for you. As you become larger, you will need a pillow to throw your leg over, or to put between your legs. You have several options for pillows. Personally, I have a Boppi body pillow, but often find it too confining and prefer to use several old pillows instead. (Andy loves pillows, so they aren’t hard to come by around here.) I sleep with two for between my legs/under my top leg, depending on what feels comfortable at the moment, and one to wrap my arms around. I find it necessary to wrap my arms around one to keep my chest from collapsing, which is very uncomfortable.

What have I missed?

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