7 Quick Takes (27 September 2013 Edition)

  1. Y’all. This was the last full week of September. What the what?!
  2. We hit the zoo with our usual companions. It was probably our last trip to the zoo this season, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We attended story time, which was a bit underwhelming, and also hit the Australia exhibit and the farm/petting zoo. We had a great time!

    Playing at the zoo

    Playing engineer in the train at the zoo

  3. We also hit the annual fair – twice. We went once with my family, and once with my good friend and her daughter (see above). Both outings were great fun. When the little girls left each other after the fair trip they shared a hug, leaning into each other and hugging tightly. It was SO. CUTE. Both their moms melted right into the pavement.
  4. I discovered Beverly Hills 90210 on Amazon Prime. Okay, guys. I know. But we’re being real here, yes? And the truth is I’m so delighted by this show, with the nostalgic feelings it evokes, and the cheesy musical effects, and the terrible production value. I got so tickled by some of the music Andy looked at me like I was crazy. (I might be.) (Also – please don’t tell my mom I’m watching it. I’m pretty sure I’m still not allowed.)
  5. I am SO excited about fall. I just love the change in the air, the colors, the scents, the food, the sweaters, the football…I’m not done, but I’ll stop.
  6. Aria is repeating words regularly now. Overall, she does quite well with pronunciation. She doesn’t always get all the syllables, but you can typically understand her. There are exceptions, however. Tonight she spoke to me closely and seriously a few times, and I have no clue what she said.
  7. Aria calls everything that looks remotely like an apple by that name. Thus far, that includes apples, peaches, and pumpkins. We got four pumpkins from Uncle Kirby and Aunt Rhonda, and they are currently lining one side of our deck. The first time Aria spotted them she trotted over, bent down, and gently kissed the tip of each stem in turn before turning to me and saying, “Aww!”. Then she continued on into the house. Since then she kisses them or waves and says “Hi!” to each of them almost every time we cross the deck. Super cute, you guys. The best part is how she’s careful to speak to each of them individually, as though she doesn’t want to leave one out and risk hurting its feelings. (She has so much of her Aunt Jo in her. Her aunt who rotates the copier paper so every sheet gets a chance to take the roller coaster ride through the printer.)

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