Quick Takes: Baby Dos Update

  • Aria is doing fantastically with her cast. It doesn’t bother her in the slightest. I adore that child. Here she is with her socked hand at dinnertime the other night. She was so exhausted from a full day of playing with little nap that she fell asleep in the middle of her dinner. She hasĀ never done that.2013-02-11_18-16-59_399
  • Noah is officially 19 weeks in gestation as of today. According to Babycenter he is approximately 6 inches from head to rump and 8 1/2 ounces in weight (since he’s Andy’s and my kid, he’s probably bigger than that, but let’s hope not, k?). I had a couple of weeks there where I felt generally well and not pregnant. It was lovely. It didn’t last long. I’m starting to get rickety – that kind where your ligaments are loosening and everything’s spreading out and so every time I roll over in bed things crack and pop and I sleep terribly. My back is starting to hurt a little, and I feel it if I carry too much weight even the shortest distances (Aria is close to being too much weigh all by her lonesome). It’s all quite normal, but I’m bummed that it’s happening so early. It’s probably right on schedule, but I don’t want it yet, so I may pout some.

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  • Aria is now the proud bearer of 11 teeth. I think. She may have more that I can’t readily see, and I can’t find out since she refuses to allow others’ digits into her mouth (which, honestly, seems reasonable – I wouldn’t allow it, either).
  • It has been a stressful couple of weeks. I wound up missing rehearsal three weeks in a row, so I’ve had to pull myself out of the concert. We only have 5 rehearsals before we begin working with the orchestra the week of the concert, so missing 3/5 seemed like a bad idea. I’m looking forward to being in the audience, though. I don’t often get to hear one of The Phil’s choral concerts from a comfy seated position.
  • Hey! Guess what? I’ve finished 12 books toward my goal of 60 in 2013. I’m killing it so far this year. I’ve got several in the works right now, as well – one for my F2F book club, one for an online book club, a couple for work, a couple for devotions, and another just for fun. Some of the books currently in the works (top one’s for F2F book club, middle one’s for online book club, and bottom one is my idea of fun):2013-02-13_22-35-05_656


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