Quick Takes: Concerts, Doctor Visits, and Other Fun Stuff

Noah 4 Months ~ Plumfield Dreams

  1. Saturday evening was the Chorus concert I had to drop out of. Jo and I took the kids, and we went out with the chorus afterward. I forgot Noah’s pacifier, so he and I spent most of the concert listening from the foyer. Oops. Aria did well with Jo. Both kids enjoyed the music. Noah actually focused on it more than did, which I thought was interesting. At the restaurant afterward Aria was social with people, even offering her hand for a shake when we took our leave. It was a nice evening.
  2. On Sunday Andy’s parents came to church to see the kids, because Boppy wore his dress blues in honor of Veteran’s Day. We wanted the kids to see him, so they came over to our service once theirs was over. We tried to sneak them in, since the service was already in progress, but Aria spotted them in the back row (we sit in the front row), and started shouting “Boppy!” I couldn’t stop her, so I scooped her right up and took her back to sit with him. The damage was done – we had stopped the sermon. (Sorry, Dad.)
  3. We went to Noah’s 4-month well baby visit Tuesday. He weighed in at 18 lbs, and measured at 26 inches in length. I expected him to weigh more, since he was 16 lbs, 4 oz, at his 2-month checkup. I’m glad he didn’t, though, since 20 lbs is the weight limit on both his car seat and his cosleeper. Despite being smaller than I thought, he’s in the 80th percentile in both height and weight, and his head is in the 90th percentile.
  4. Aria kept getting into things while we were waiting for the doctor. Finally in frustration I asked her “do you want a swat?!” Of course, as soon as it was out of my mouth I thought, “Oh great, what am I going to do if she continues to defy me? I’m not going to swat her…” It turned out to be a non-issue though, because she looked up at me with excitement and said, “Neh!” (that means yes) “Wat! Wat!” I laughed and she found something else to focus on. It was a reminder for me that so far she trusts that if mommy offers her something it’s a good thing, and I want to maintain that pattern. So I should probably learn to control my frustration when she acts particularly toddler-like.
  5. I didn’t get as far with the Christmas decorating last week as I had hoped. That’s okay; decorating is my plan for this weekend, too. In fact, I’m hoping we will get our Christmas tree on Saturday. (Some of you are getting upset with me right now, aren’t you? No offense intended, but you take the whole thing far too seriously.)
  6. We had our first snow Monday night. Aria was excited by the “no!” (that’s going to get confusing). There are still some patches that haven’t melted, and it takes ages to get her to and from the car, because she needs to stop and drag her feet through repeatedly.
  7. We’ve had lots of company recently, including some friends I haven’t seen in years. It’s been a really fun time, though very busy. It’s funny how everyone seems to be reappearing at the same time.

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