Quick Takes: Molars, House cleaning, and ASL

  • We actually got the house cleaned this weekend! Yay for long holiday weekends! We decluttered, cleaned almost everything (there’s a wee bit remaining), and made time for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. It was a truly lovely weekend, and I felt so refreshed by it. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me at this point. It’s a huge weight off my mind to know for certain the house is going to be basically clutter-free and clean no matter when Noah arrives.
  • Yesterday I had fun finishing up the shopping for the few things we still needed for Noah. I’ve got a couple packages arriving sometime this week with the last of those items, and then all I need to do is wash and organize. We’ll need to set up the bassinet beside our bed, and clean and install the car seat, and we’ll be prepared for his grand entrance. I don’t anticipate doing the bassinet and car seat for a couple more weeks, at least.

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  • On the pregnancy front, I am becoming quite uncomfortable. It feels as though Noah has dropped and is resting with his skull directly on my pelvis. The past few days it is painful every time I take a step. I can handle it, except when I need to carry Aria. That has become nearly impossible in the last 24 hours. I’m fidgeting with my support belt to see if I can position it in such a way that it helps enough, but so far I haven’t had a lot of luck. Friday I have an appointment with Stephanie, and we’ll see what she has to say about what the pain is and how I should be dealing with it. We are certainly hoping to keep Noah content for three more weeks. But, I really hope I don’t have to deal with this pain for that long (or longer). I am going to feel guilty if I can’t give Aria the level of physical touch she’s used to these last few weeks of her time as an only child.
  • Speaking of which! Aria is working on molars. She’s chewing on her fingers, and is quite fussy and needy. She’s a sunshiny little trooper, so she really tries to overcome the discomfort and enjoy life, but it’s not always possible to distract her enough. Of course, this all means she’s more clingy than usual, which I typically would enjoy. Unfortunately, her neediness is coinciding with my issues with walking, and it’s not a good combination. On a different note, she’s learning the word “please”, which comes out “peasss!” and it’s adorable.
  • And finally, here is something random I think will amuse you: I’ve always had this tendency to pick up others’ accents, which I’ve figured was because I’m extremely aural. Accents and pronunciation of other languages come very easily to me. Recently I’ve been watching that Family Channel show Switched at Birth, which prominently features deaf characters and the use of American Sign Language. Turns out, I don’t just try to pick up accents. After I watch that show, I actually start trying to sign to people while I speak to them…even though I know almost no ASL. It’s kind of hilarious. I have to deliberately stop myself from making nonsense motions with my hands while I speak to Andy or Aria.

Please tell me you do something bizarre like that, too?

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