Quick Takes: The One Where I Burst Into Tears

  • Aria’s stomach bug stuck with her for more than a week. It morphed over time, but she didn’t start to seem as though she was getting better until Monday. Yesterday she ate like a horse, albeit a very picky one, and was generally discontented the entire time. Andy has been working long hours the first few days of this week, so I’ve had her alone during all her waking hours the last couple days, and yesterday was rough. By dinnertime I just wanted to go to bed, and the dam broke for a few seconds as Aria basically yelled at me because I couldn’t figure out what she would eat. My own food was getting cold, I hadn’t accomplished much all day except trying to keep her from having a total meltdown, and I was done. As I headed to the fridge for what felt like the 100th time that day, I dissolved into tears for a few seconds. While I cleaned up the food she had rejected by throwing it on the floor, I prayed aloud, “Lord, please give me some extra grace here so I can give it to Aria, because I’ve run out”. And He did. He always does. We made it to bedtime, which last night was 6:15 – that’s how rough our day was – and I was able to put her down with tenderness and a smile. Then I went in my bedroom, turned on the TV, sat down on the floor with my work, and unwound. Don’t get me wrong, I had some “please just stop whining at me!” and “Aria, I hear you, now be quiet” moments yesterday. And the praying aloud thing was a conscious decision, because I started to pray it silently and then decided it would be good for Aria to hear her mommy asking the Lord for what she needed. This morning Aria woke up an entirely different person. She’s been sweet and cuddly and easy all day. We even hung out at the tire place for over an hour, and she was an absolute doll. I didn’t have to say the word “no”, or anything close to it a single time. We are such changeable creatures.
  • My appointment with Stephanie last Thursday was excellent. Everything is measuring right on, and Noah and I are doing well. Chatting with Stephanie and the practice’s newest midwife eased my fears about birthing at the center this time. I am nervous given our last experience, though I know all the reasons I don’t need to be. Hearing those reasons affirmed from these wise women, especially Stephanie, who’s been there for everything, was just what I needed. And, as Stephanie pointed out, I’ve already had the worst case scenario, so we know exactly what we’ll do should it happen and that we can handle it. 🙂 My next appointment is in two weeks, when I will hit the 3rd trimester and start going in every two weeks.
  • I’ve felt my pregnancy much more this past week than any time previous. I think (and hope) the increased symptoms are my mind and body’s response to how exhausting a week with a sick toddler has been. If that’s the case, I should see some improvement in the next several days. I’m still doing well, but I’ve gone from feeling what I would typically describe as great to slightly concerned at how rapidly my symptoms are suddenly picking up. Symptoms: exhaustion, swelling, achiness, moodiness…yep, see, I look at that list and I’m thinking it’s because I’ve been carrying around a 25 lb needy appendage for the past week… I’ll let you know next week whether I was correct. 🙂

 BabyFruit TickerDown to the double digits until my due date!

  • What with all of the above, I haven’t made any progress to speak of on the housework. I also haven’t made any real progress here on the blog. I’m bummed about that, because of all my detailed plans, but it can’t be helped. I have a lot on my proverbial plate, and blogging just has to be one of the last priorities right now. Though I love it and would prefer for it to be one of the highest priorities, it doesn’t take care of Aria, pay bills, or meet any other obligations. It’s for fun, and it’s time-consuming fun at that. I will get to the point where I am getting my posts from the written page to the screen, but this week is not that point. On the plus side, the contractors have made huge progress. They’re thisclose to done. A little bit of decorative siding on the front of the house, and our gutters and downspouts, and they’re outta here! I think we may get a reprieve for a few days, if not a week or two, because they are waiting for that decorative siding to arrive. The house looks fantastic. When it gets actually nice outside I’ll snap some pictures to show you.
  • Despite illness, we had a great Easter with our families. It was laidback and I liked that.



2 thoughts on “Quick Takes: The One Where I Burst Into Tears

  1. You should have had help. We should have all rallied around you and brought in meals and dusted and vacuumed and cleaned the toilet. That’s what we’re supposed to do. I’m sorry that I was so out of tune with what was happening at your house that I did not participate in what we women of the Church, the Body of Christ, are supposed to do. I love you! Blessings to you all today. I am glad that you are on the other side of the illness now!

    • Don’t be hard on yourself, Bethann. How could you know when I didn’t tell anyone? I need to learn to be better about asking for help when I need it. Since having Aria I have learned to be more dependent on our immediate family, but it does not come naturally to ask for help, that’s for sure.

      I know how full your hands are at the moment, too. Please know that I know that your heart is always in the place to want to help, and I also know that circumstances don’t always allow for it (physically, at least – we can always pray for one another). Boy, do I ever know that, now that I’m a mommy!

      For the record, anytime anyone wants to come vacuum and clean the toilet, I’ll welcome them with open arms. 😉

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