7 Quick Takes: The One That’s Nearly a Week Late

So, um, oops? I meant to post this last Friday, as usual, but it just didn’t happen. The times I was sans kid-crawling-all-over-me were few, and I just couldn’t spend them this way. Though I doubt I ruined anyone’s Friday, I think there may be a couple people out there who noticed the absence, and I do apologize for my tardiness!

  1. Cassie and I took our respective girls to see Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes on Saturday (you know, the Saturday before this was supposed to be posted). Cass and I got more out of the show than the girls, I think, since we grew up on the movies, and the girls are too young to have had much interaction with the characters. They were still entranced, though. Claire danced her way through portions of the show, and Aria sat completely still, trying to soak it all in. I think her favorite parts were Mickey and Minnie, Flounder (she was devastated when he left the rink), and the huge colorful dragon in the Sleeping Beauty sequence…which she thought was a giraffe. We all had a wonderful time. It was a joy to spend hours concentrating on Aria. I was so excited to be able to give her my undivided attention I think I was actually smothering her.
  2. We went to a birthday party for our niece. The party was at a bowling alley, and Aria enjoyed participating a bit in the bowling. She and Emma (her 5-year-old cousin) walked around holding hands a large portion of the time we were there. From there we went to a game night my parents were hosting for our church family. We had a great time there, as well, though I played zero games. I enjoyed floating around, joining conversations here and there, and learning that we have some serious Lord of the Rings nerds in our midst. (This is not a surprise, as we are a church largely comprised of homeschoolers.)
  3. I went to my first MOPs+ meeting of the year (finally!). It’s a gift to be able to spend time with other moms, sharing struggles and insights. This particular meeting focused on marriage, which is something I appreciate right now, because we are in a phase with our kids where it is difficult for us to find time to devote to one another. I appreciated the encouragement to put Andy before myself and the kids. He deserves it.
  4. I got my first Quarterly shipment from Book Riot! I am SO excited about it! Check it out:
    BKR02 ~ Plumfield Dreams

    Even the packaging is a treat to the senses.

    March 2014 Cuteness ~ Plumfield Dreams

    Two books; “Yay! Books!” magnet; Banned Books mug; “Read Everywhere” poster; Short Stories Thursdays USB drive (loaded with short stories); book darts (in the little tin)

  5. Noah turned eight months old on the 9th. He’s an adventurer, my friends. It’s getting harder to get a decent picture of him, because he doesn’t believe in sitting still. He counteracts his constant activity by continuing to be a mama’s boy, which is simultaneously adorable and insanity-making. Noah 8 Months ~ Plumfield DreamsHere are some more pictures of the kids being generally adorable. Everyone loves more pictures of my kids, right? (Don’t answer that.)

    March 2014 Cuteness ~ Plumfield Dreams

    Aria accessorized Noah in that first picture. He’s letting you know what he thinks of it. He is all boy, that one.

  6. Work has been keeping me busy, busy, busy, in a way I love. I am grateful to still be so happy in my job. That I love the work. That I love my coworkers (truly). That I can work from home, with just the right amount of face-to-face time with other adults. Now, if only I made a bit more money, so I could hire out the pesky housecleaning, which is work I do not enjoy, and thus have trouble motivating myself to do.
  7. The Veronica Mars movie was released Friday, so naturally I watched it on Friday. It wasn’t perfect, but it was charming and my only major problem with it was that it didn’t keep going infinitely. When are they going to make another one? Huh? Huh?

7 Quick Takes: The One with Various Hospital Visits

  1. Last Saturday was a nice, laidback day, right up until Andy’s dad decided to go and have a mild heart attack in the middle of Menard’s. See, sometimes you have to be flippant about stuff because the other option is too upsetting. He scared us, but he’s doing great now.
  2. Andy stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday because he didn’t feel well. I had a meeting on campus Tuesday, over an hour from home, and on the way home I got a message saying Andy got lightheaded and had heart palpitations and was heading to the ER. I mean, seriously? He’s fine, too. Turns out he’s what the medical community refers to as a “fainter”, and he needed more rest and sustenance in his sick state.
  3. It was a busy, busy week, for reasons scheduled and unscheduled. The kids and I had some type of activity at least a portion of every day this week. That’s almost unheard of these days. This was one of those weeks so full of drama and activity I don’t even know what all to tell you. So, sorry you’re getting this post so late, and that you haven’t heard boo from me for a week. It’s all part of my resting and not striving thing – I didn’t have time to post without it being a stressor, so I didn’t post. When I put it that way, aren’t you proud of me? 😉
  4. Speaking of not posting much and such, that’s going to be more common. I’ll be here, and I’m hoping to post a minimum of twice a week typically, but I’m not going to make any promises and I’m not going to feel guilty if I don’t get my posts up. You can always count on this Friday post (ahem…yes, I know it’s the wee hours of Saturday…). I still have plans for more clean eating posts, and to post about the house as we get things rolling, so I’m not going anywhere. I guess what I’m saying is I’m changing my approach to the blog for the foreseeable future. Again, it’s a reflection of my word/unword. Instead of being hyper-planned, I’m going to roll with life.
  5. Being more relaxed has afforded me increased time to read recently, and that has been lovely. I’m reading a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, as well as the blogs I follow and some magazines. I’ll catch you up at the end of the month in my “what I’m into” post.
  6. So, the best news of this weird, fairly unpleasant week is pretty huge news to me – Nickel Creek added a concert date very near my home, and I am going. Just over two months until I get to join my siblings in very good seats to listen to my very favorite band play music together. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
  7. Aria is the sweetest kid. I’m telling you. Yesterday she thanked me for cleaning her rear end when I changed her diaper. Today she behaved so beautifully at a funeral the kids and I attended. She has been sharing her toys, unsolicited, with her brother. I enjoy her sweet, joyful personality so much. This week we had to move Noah out of his cosleeper, because he displayed the ability to climb out of it. I’m trying to teach him to sleep in a pack ‘n play at the foot of our bed, and it’s starting to stick a little. He’s sleeping there right now, though whenever he next wakes to feed he’ll probably move into our bed for the remainder of the night. But, hey, progress! Because a few nights ago he would wake up and scream bloody murder the second his body hit the mattress. He has a strong will and a decided opinion about, well, everything. (If you are grinning to yourself and thinking you don’t really feel sorry for me because that sounds familiar – I don’t blame you.) He’s also friendly and extremely quick to smile. Both of our children are beautiful blessings.