The Best Laid Plans (And An Announcement)

Hi. <sheepish smile>

Remember me?

I pondered the creation of this blog for more than a year, coming up with all sorts of ideas for series, individual posts, everything. I have big ideas for it, and I was careful to wait until I was ready to do it justice before I started it. I didn’t want to be one of those bloggers who starts a blog, goes gung ho for a month, then posts sporadically, and then forgets about it completely. When I finally did start posting, I was feeling like Super Woman. I was successfully and excitedly keeping all my many balls going at once – marriage, motherhood, work, choirs, board responsibilities. Seriously, I was impressive. I had no problem adding the blog. I was inspired, and Christmas was coming, so I had plenty to say. I had all these fantastic plans for how I was going to move through the holidays, continuing as Super Woman.

And, as you already know, because I haven’t blogged in many weeks, pride cometh before the fall. (Excuse me while I digress – isn’t it funny how, even though I’ve never read the King James Version of the Bible in my life, some phrases are just in our vocabulary? Or is it just me that finds that interesting? Anyhoo…)

God has this way of perfectly balancing both amazing blessing and reality checks.

So, here’s the announcement part: I lost my Super Woman mojo at the beginning of November, when I was about 5 weeks pregnant with Baby Dos. (Look at me, old English, Spanglish. So impressive.) I was SO excited to be expecting again, and I was also SO nauseated the majority of the time that I was spending most of my life on the couch. Thankfully, Aria is an independent little girl, and she has no problems playing on her own. She would happily wander around the house, playing with various things – toys, drawers of kitchen towels, Christmas trees – and occasionally come visit me on the couch, where she would howl with delight when I tickled her. Then she would wander off again. Phew. So thankful for my little Miss Independent. All of my awesome Christmas plans went out the window. I did the bare minimum of everything. I got my work done (you know, the kind I get paid for, none of that other stuff like cleaning the house or doing the dishes).

I am now 13 weeks pregnant. Most of the time I do not feel totally exhausted and/or nauseous, and I think I may actually be able to get this blog thing going again. And check it out! Now I have another fantastic topic about which to blog!

 BabyFruit Ticker

Look for a post on that topic very soon.

Talk soon, meine Freunde! (Aaaand there I threw in some German. Seriously. I’m on fire.)


12 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans (And An Announcement)

    • Thanks! You betcha! I may have to play the May concert by ear, but I’ll definitely do the March concert, all things being equal. I sang the opera concert last year 7 months pregnant with Aria, so hopefully I can pull that off again this year.

  1. I KNEW it! I did! It’s just that it’s one of those things that you don’t go around asking, you know? Congratulations! So excited for you all!

  2. Hooray! You just made my day, and congratulations too! By the way, Super Woman is a myth we need to eradicate from our culture.

    • Phew! Because come fall I may very well be asking you to have your hands extremely full for an hour every Wednesday…

      You know, I often get asked how it is I “do it all”. The answer is there is a lot I don’t do that people overlook. For example, I don’t keep my house as clean as I probably should, and I never do a thing with my hair, don’t wear makeup, etc. I’m efficient with my time, but I also just choose to let some things go. That’s what we all have to do in order to make the things we need to, or should, fit into our lives work. There’s no magic formula. I think there’s doing by God’s grace the things that you have discerned He would have you to do at any given period of your life. The tough part for me is often discerning when I should STOP doing. I’ve gotten quite good at saying no to begin with, but it’s more difficult to “quit” (or what I perceive as quitting). It’s a lesson I’m learning rapidly this past year, and even more now that baby #2 is on its way!

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