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I love it when bloggers talk about what they’re currently reading, so I’m hoping to make this a regular post. Right now I’m reading six books. In addition to those shown above, I’m also reading Mythology by Helen Boswell and Kept: Secure in His Hands Whatever I Face by Lara Williams and Katie Orr. Mythology I’m reading on my Kindle, and Kept on my iPad.

In the past I read one book at a time. Since I’ve had Aria, though, my style has changed. I have snatches of time to read, and many topics I want to cover, so I read different books at different times throughout the day. This week’s choices are unusual, because the Duggar and Tuohy books are not my normal type. I’m intrigued by both these families. They couldn’t be more different in their personalities and basic approach, but in their books they are working toward the same goal (raising Godly children and being good stewards of what God has provided to them). It’s intriguing to read these accounts concurrently.

Alice I Have Been is the pick for my book club for November. It’s a fictionalized account of the life of the woman who, as a little girl, was the muse for Alice in Wonderland.

1000 Gifts has been on my TBR (to be read) pile for ages, and I’m just now getting to it. I follow Ann Voskamp’s blog, and it never fails to challenge and inspire me. I am finding her book, about the choice to be grateful for all the little things, to focus on the blessings and see how they transform her life, to be just as inspiring. I read a chapter a day after I finish my Bible study. This morning’s was about choosing to be grateful in the face of fear – and how that gratitude leads us to let go of our fear – a message I needed on this momentous election day.

Kept is a Bible study I am reading as part of HelloMornings, which encourages women to rise before their families for “quiet time” and exercise. The idea behind the challenge is to prepare yourself to offer your family the best wife and mother you can be. I am in week 12 of 13 in my first HelloMornings challenge, and I’ve loved it. It has helped me develop the habit of rising well before Aria (and at approximately the same time as the hubby). The Bible study itself is also fantastic. It is an in-depth look at 1 Peter, and it requires that the reader perform exegesis on his/her own. I appreciate that I am not being spoon fed, but encouraged to feed myself.

Mythology is a YA fiction book written by a friend of a friend. I’m currently only two chapters in, but I am finding it engaging. Right now all I know is that the protagonist can see people’s darkest secrets, and that there’s something about angels and demons going on (picked that part up from the description).

So that’s it! My current reading “stack”! What are you reading this week?

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