Winter 2013 HelloMornings Challenge

In the fall I learned about an online social network called “Hello Mornings”. The idea behind it is to use accountability and encouragement to help women rise before their households and spend time with the Lord, in exercise, in planning, etc. It fell in line with something I was already trying to do – get up several hours before Aria so I could have quiet time before the craziness hit. I signed up for a Twitter group (there are also Facebook groups), and each morning I tweeted with a bunch of other lovely ladies. We let one another know when we were “up and at ’em”, our thoughts on that day’s readings, our prayer requests, and more. It worked wonders for me, and I loved it! In the last week or so of the challenge I started to lose steam a little, as the exhaustion and morning sickness of first trimester pregnancy set in. I’ve struggled to get back into the routine ever since, so I am very excited to announce that a new session of the HelloMornings Challenge is starting January 28th! Won’t you join me?

The Hello Mornings crew will give you all sorts of tips and tricks for making the adjustment to productive early rising, and they even provide us with an excellent devotional written by two of the ladies on the team. The devotional for the fall, Kept: Secure in His Hands Whatever I Face led the reader on an exegetical study of 1st Peter. I found it so refreshing, a devotional book that actually has you study the Bible! The winter devotional, Abounding Hope, can also be found on Amazon. But, if you sign up for the challenge, you can get it for free! If this sounds like something that would benefit you, I hope you’ll join us!

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  1. Just last night, we were reading Jesus Calling for Kids befroe bed and it talked about listening to God befroe we got to work. And did I do this? Of course not! But tomorrow is a new day and to tell you the truth, I’ve been trying to let Him after the rest of the day. All is not lost!

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